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A Yeoman generator for spinning up Express web-server projects, specifically scaffolding microservice endpoints that can then be hooked up to real back-end systems.

Getting Started

You'll need NodeJS installed before you can install/run this project. Head over to XYZ and install NodeJS if you don't have it already.

With NodeJS installed, run the following to install Yeoman:

npm install -g yo

Next, run the following to install generator-microservice-catalog from npm:

npm install -g generator-microservice-catalog

Runnning generator-microservice-catalog

Simple - initiate the generator:

yo microservice-catalog

To generate new endpoints:

yo microservice-catalog:endpoint <NAME>

Where is the name of the endpoint. You'll be asked what methods to create (GET/POST/DELETE/etc)

Running the project in your browser

From the directory in which you've run yo, run node app to fire up the microservice catalog you've created. Next, open up a web browser to localhost:8080

Getting To Know Yeoman

If you'd like to get to know Yeoman better, check out the complete Getting Started Guide.