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Contribute to Doctrine

Thank you for contributing to Doctrine!

Before we can merge your Pull-Request here are some guidelines that you need to follow. These guidelines exist not to annoy you, but to keep the code base clean, unified and future proof.

We only accept PRs to "master"

Our branching strategy is summed up with "everything to master first", even bugfixes and we then merge them into the stable branches. You should only open pull requests against the master branch. Otherwise we cannot accept the PR.

There is one exception to the rule, when we merged a bug into some stable branches we do occasionally accept pull requests that merge the same bug fix into earlier branches.

Coding Standard

We use PSR-1 and PSR-2:

with some exceptions/differences:

  • Keep the nesting of control structures per method as small as possible
  • Align equals (=) signs
  • Add spaces between assignment, control and return statements
  • Prefer early exit over nesting conditions
  • Add spaces around a negation if condition if ( ! $cond)


Always add a test for your pull-request.

  • If you want to fix a bug or provide a reproduce case, create a test file in tests/Doctrine/Tests/ORM/Functional/Ticket with the name of the ticket, DDC1234Test.php for example.
  • If you want to contribute new functionality add unit- or functional tests depending on the scope of the feature.

You can run the unit-tests by calling phpunit from the root of the project. It will run all the tests with an in memory SQLite database.

To run the testsuite against another database, copy the phpunit.xml.dist to for example mysql.phpunit.xml and edit the parameters. You can take a look at the tests/travis folder for some examples. Then run:

phpunit -c mysql.phpunit.xml


We automatically run your pull request through Travis CI against SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL. If you break the tests, we cannot merge your code, so please make sure that your code is working before opening up a Pull-Request.

DoctrineBot, Tickets and Jira

DoctrineBot will synchronize your Pull-Request into our Jira. Make sure to add any existing Jira ticket into the Pull-Request Title, for example:

"[DDC-123] My Pull Request"

Getting merged

Please allow us time to review your pull requests. We will give our best to review everything as fast as possible, but cannot always live up to our own expectations.

Thank you very much again for your contribution!

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