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documentation Add account related REST methods.
master slapos_pdm: slap_state were been ignored by catalog
slapos slapos collect: do not divide cpu_load value by the number of cpu core
.gitignore Ignore eggs in .gitignore
CHANGES.txt Release slapos.core 1.3.14 [SlapOS Core] Improve configure-local command and add test for this c…
README.txt Fill README update
buildout.cfg Implement bang method.
computer_definition.cfg.example Provide example configuration.
setup.cfg Configure sphinx build/upload. slapos.slap: Adapt HateoasNavigator to work with URNs.
slapos-proxy.cfg.example slapos.proxy: add multimaster configuration in example configuration …
slapos.cfg.example add shacache-ca-file and shadir-ca-file options.



The core of SlapOS.
Contains the SLAP library, and the slapgrid, slapformat, slapproxy tools.
For more information, see
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