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documentation Add account related REST methods. Dec 4, 2014
master slapos_crm: Show latest event information instead ticket ones at the RSS May 24, 2016
slapos Use hash instead a reference list to compare Connection parameters Apr 29, 2016
.gitignore Ignore eggs in .gitignore Oct 19, 2012
CHANGES.txt [SlapOS Core] Improve configure-local command and add test for this c… Jan 14, 2014
README.txt Fill README Oct 10, 2011 update Jan 9, 2015
buildout.cfg Implement bang method. Oct 4, 2011
computer_definition.cfg.example Provide example configuration. May 30, 2011
setup.cfg Configure sphinx build/upload. Nov 16, 2011 slapos.slap: Adapt HateoasNavigator to work with URNs. Nov 13, 2014
slapos-client.cfg.example [SlapOS Core] Implement support of getSoftwareReleaseListFromSoftware… Jan 13, 2014
slapos-proxy.cfg.example slapos.proxy: add multimaster configuration in example configuration … Nov 10, 2014
slapos.cfg.example Use CDN based urls to download binary cache. Feb 29, 2016



The core of SlapOS.
Contains the SLAP library, and the slapgrid, slapformat, slapproxy tools.
For more information, see
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