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Forum software powered by Node.js, Expressjs, and MongoDB
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A real-time forum system created using Node.js, ExpressJS, and MongooseJS

Up-to-date demo at Simply login as 'admin' with password 'admin1'.

Current Version: v0.0.3 (Released 15th Nov 2012)


Features So Far (v0.0.3)

  • Install script
  • Email validation
  • Role based access per forum (Administrators, moderators etc.)
  • Topic/Forum pagination
  • WYSIWYG text editor
  • Ability to embed Youtube videos, Twitter statuses, Google Maps and more into posts
  • Real-Time Features
    • Instant posting in topics
    • New posts appended to topic as you read
    • Instant editing of posts
  • User Registration and Login (encrypted with bcrypt)
  • Styled Twitter Bootstrap layout
  • Google+ style admin panel
  • Guest Access
  • Forum moderation (e.g. ability to delete topics and posts)

Coming Soon

  • Subforum support
  • Private Messaging system
  • imgur uploader - Upload and embed your images into your post without leaving the site
  • Global & Per User Settings
  • Avatar support
  • Notification system

Upgrading from 0.0.2

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, it is a good idea for you to empty your database tables and then install as directed below.

Note regarding install

  • Run npm install and then navigate to to create your admin account and setup the forum

  • You must use the custom version of forms-mongoose included in the node_modules folder as I have made a vast number of changes to it.

Note regarding bcrypt

  • You may need to install OpenSSL and Python (if you don't have them already), more information is available at the bcrypt repository (Thanks to @WhiteaglePT)
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