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This service hook posts comments on Bugzilla bugs when commit messages
reference a bug by id number.
Bugs are recognised by the following formats, which are case-insensitive:
- Ticket 123
- Bug 123
- Tracker item 123
Multiple bugs can also be specified by separating them with a comma,
apersand, plus or "and":
- Bug 123, 124 and 125
If the "Integration Branch" option is filled in, only commits to that branch
will result in bugs being modified. This is useful for disabling premature bug
closing/comments when working on feature branches.
If "Integration Branch" is not set, commits to *all* branches will be
processed. If you only want to update Bugzilla when you push to your "main"
branch: you probably want to set this to "master".
If the central repository option is enabled and there is a "fix",
"close", or "address" before the bug then that bug is closed.
If a commit has already been mentioned in the bug comments when pushed
by another user then a comment isn't made, unless the central repository
option is enabled. In this case only the first line of the commit message
is included in the bug comment.
This hook requires Bugzilla version >= 3.4 to function correctly
and >= 4.0 to be able to close bugs.
- server_url - The URL for the Bugzilla installation,
eg ``
- username - Email address for Bugzilla user account
- password - Password for the user account
- integration_branch - If entered, only commits to this branch will result
in bugs being closed
- central_repository - Set to true to enable closing bugs and commenting on
commits that were already pushed to another user's repository