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TargetProcess - GitHub Integration Overview
Integration with TargetProcess allows GitHub user to change current entity states
and add comments directly from their commit messages.
Install Notes
1. TargetProcess Requirements
- Requires TargetProcess version or newer.
- Your TargetProcess must should be accessible from the internet.
- Committer's email addresses in GitHub and TargetProcess should be the same.
2. Settings in GitHub
In the GitHub integration config, the following settings should be provided:
- TargetProcess Server URL
- A project admin's account credentials to access your TargetProcess server.
- The project id from your TargetProcess project that the GitHub repository
should map to (this can be found on the "Projects" list within TargetProcess)
Commit Message Syntax
General comment format for adding comments and/or changing entity states:
#[Entity ID]:<new state>
Eg: Fixed out of memory exceptions #1221:Fixed
The entire line will appear as a comment in your User Story, Bug, Feature, or Task; and the entity's
state will be changed to the state name, if specified. A new state is not required, and an
Assignable's state will not change unless it is specified. Entity ID is required. This
text sequence can appear anywhere in your commit message.
Developer Notes
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