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PDF export of slides and sample code from my iOS Development with Blocks presentation.
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iOS Development with Blocks.pdf

This presentation covers iOS development using blocks, Apple’s new addition to the Objective-C language. Here’s a short description of the files included:

  • block_typedefs.c: This file shows how to use typedefs to make writing blocks cleaner and much more concise.
  • blocks_capture_scope.c: This file shwos how blocks capture values from their surrounding scope.
  • blocks_dont_modify_scope.c: This file shows how blocks modify the values they capture—or rather, how they don’t! Don’t expect this one to compile.
  • blocks_retain_objects.m: This file shows how blocks retain Objective-C objects in their surrounding scope. At first glance, this should fail with an EXC_BAD_ACCESS error, but it works!
  • dispatch_example.c: This shows a basic use of dispatch queues.
  • helloblock.c: This is the “Hello, world!” of writing blocks. Literally.
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