Sparx Enterprise Architect Addin for synchronizing JIRA issues with the EA repository (and much more)
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GoatJira is a Sparx Enterprise Architect Addin for synchronizing JIRA issues with the EA repository. Currently is being developed, first version is almost finished.


  • Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Atlasian JIRA account
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher


  • Goat image used in about dialog is copyrighted by Leona Štastná and you cannot use it without her permission.
  • Rest of files are under MIT licence.


You can find all commands in Extend ribbon or in context menu in diagram or Project Browser.


First of all, define login information:

Login Information

Login information are defined for every project (repository) and are stored in application data directory.

Now, you can define JQL for any package:

Package Connection Settings

Your favourite step: Read/Refresh issues in package. The progress is shown in System output window:

System Output

Now, when you double click on jira issue element, you can see its properties:

Goat Issue

You are ready to use the issues elements in your model. For instance, create relations such as realization to build the traceability.


For this, use new diagram type.

Diagram Type

The Jira diagram has its own tool box set:

Tool Box

Download binaries and installation:

  • binaries - download the file, unzip it and as an administrator run install.bat