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Creating your own public transit network

Imagine it!

Suppose your goal is to create 2 light-rail lines with 3 stations following this example map:

Example lightrail map

Build it!

Now your network is drawed, you need to build it: Stations, tunnels, tracks...

If you need inspiration I created for you some station examples here.

MineTrain it!

This part is the fastest, you just need to follow the ingame step-by-step editor!

No redstone, no config, no code. - MineTrain slogan

Create your lines.

First - following our example -, you need to make two lines. Start the line editor by that command:

/mtn create line

and follow the instructions:

  • Line type: tramway
  • Line name: &9Line 1 (you can completely personalize colors)
  • (optional) Line acronym: &9L1

Repeat that for all lines you need to create. 😛

Create your stations.

Now your lines are created, you need to make - following our example - three stations.

⚠️ Make sure your stations have 2 tracks stops, and a spot to set the "minecart call" button. Here an illustration:

station schema

After, type this command:

/mtn create station

and follow the instructions:

  • Station name: City Hall
  • Minecart launcher(s) / Terminus:
    • Station track (where the minecart will be stopped)
    • Direction track (where the minecart will be launched / if it's a terminus, click on the station track [detector rail])
    • Line: Line 1
  • Minecart call button(s) (a button will be placed, dont place it before)

Repeat that for all stations you need to create. :wink:

Station creation video demo:

Station creation demo

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