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Common Problems & Solutions

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I can't change resolutions!/I can only select between 800x600 and 1024x768!

First thing to know is that once you've loaded a map Shader Patch will automatically set the resolution of the game to that of your desktop.

This behavior while perhaps surprising is intentional. The reason is because SP currently does not support display mode changing and instead provides you with two settings in the user config Screen Percent and Treat 800x600 As Interface to give you control of the game's resolution.

The first one Screen Percent is the percentage of your desktop's resolution that the game will take up. Setting it to 100 gives you fullscreen while any value lower gives you windowed mode (useful if you're testing or working on mods).

The second one Treat 800x600 As Interface is what causes the game to start out in a window and return to one if you ever go back to the main menu. It can be set to no in order to have the game always start out fullscreen.

Proper support for display mode changing and custom resolutions may come in the future. (If you want it sooner rather than later then let me know, I often prioritize features based on demand.)

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