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Welcome to the EnderIO Wiki here on GitHub!

The Wiki

This is now the official wiki, the old one was switched off because it was extremely outdated.


If you wish to report a bug, please raise an issue in the issue tracker.

Include as much information as you can, including the version of EnderIO and Minecraft. The more info the better, if I can't reproduce it, I probably can't fix it. Screenshots can/would be very helpful.

Feature Requests

If you wish to request a new feature please do the following:

  1. Go to the Suggestion Tracker and check if somebody hasn't already requested it.

  2. If you have done step 1 and it hasn't already been requested, raise a new suggestion. Otherwise vote for the existing one.

  3. Smile, you know you want to.

Making me better

If you would like, you can contribute to the wiki by forking this. Fix my awesome typing/spelling, whatever.


Are you a server administrator, modpack maker or modder? Have a look at Non Gameplay Information.

Enjoy, CP & team

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