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Version 2.2.8
- #1703 Forestry upgrades for DS armor (MatthiasM2)
- #746 Add speed downgrade for item conduits. Allows conduits to pull only one item at a time (MatthiasM2)
- #1731 All machines will now have progress tooltips on the progress animation (MatthiasM2)
- #85 Add hardened conduit facades. Have a higher hardness and blast resistance (TNT-proof) than normal facades.
- Add recipe to upgrade capacitors to the next tier
- All blocks now support the vanilla breaking animation properly
- Conduit connectors combine into a single box, this fixes z-fighting issues (especially with texture packs)
- Split internal and external conduit connector textures
- Some more default hoes added to the config
- Localized GUI names, WAILA configs, and the rest of the tooltips (Adaptivity)
- Improve double chest support on the mod item filter snapshot
- Add support for sending grinding balls via IMC
- #1771 All Killer Joes will now have the same UUID, for server admin purposes
- Wither skeletons will now drop Tcon necrotic bones and respect Tcon beheading
- Improve efficiency of wireless chargers (MatthiasM2)
- Refactor how all EIO blocks drop themselves, should resolve all™ issues with such in the future
- It is now possible to use the yeta wrench shift+left click in creative mode (MatthiasM2)
- Alloy smelter will now give smelting achievements (iron, fish) (MatthiasM2)
- Wireless charger will now keep its stored energy when picked up (MatthiasM2)
- EnderIO GUIs with tabs will move NEI items out of the way (MatthiasM2)
- Fix crash with iguana tweaks level ups in farm
- Fix some crashes with facades and WAILA
- Painted slabs will no longer drop in creative mode (MatthiasM2)
- Fix enchanter and yeta wrench tooltips (MatthiasM2)
- Fix the alignment of the progress arrow in the slice'n'splice (MatthiasM2)
- Fix IItemDuct methods not checking filters. This should allow machines pushing to conduits to be filtered properly
- Fix wither skeletons not spawning and fix their equipment/rendering
- Fix tooltips rendering underneath the IO config
- Fix IO config changing NEI item lighting
- #1630 Item conduits pulling and preserving invalid stacksizes (fixes issues with filing cabinets)
- #1585 Fix blocks not dropping in explosions
- #1821 Fix buffers ignoring redstone mode
Version 2.2.7
- IO labels on capacitor banks can now be expanded to any square size, no longer limited to one face (MatthiasM2)
- Add chargeable item filter, allows RF containing items to be filtered based on their fullness (MatthiasM2)
- Add blacklist option for ender fluid conduits (MatthiasM2)
- #1549 All appropriate blocks are now mined faster with a pickaxe
- DS Armor solar upgrade can now charge other mods' armors (configurable)
- Clean up all button/widget textures (RandomGenius)
- Add some more default whitelisted hoes (MatthiasM2)
- Added some more ExN recipes for the SAG Mill (MatthiasM2)
- Update Russian translation (Adaptivity)
- Update Chinese translation (mymagadsl)
- Add warning comment to all XML files
- Killer Joe now needs line-of-sight to hit mobs (configurable) (hilburn)
- Change default vanilla SAG Mill recipes to use oredict (LordBlackhole)
- Conduit facades painted as fused quartz/quite clear glass will have connected textures (MatthiasM2)
- Capacitor Banks will stack in more cases, "NONE" face mode no longer saves to NBT (MatthiasM2)
- Allow configuration of XP juice ID, uses OpenBlocks' value by default (MatthiasM2)
- Wither skeleton is now a unique entity, this should allow powered spawners to spawn them in the overworld, and fix a host of other similar issues in other mods. Configurable. (hilburn)
- Added recipes for Lumium and Signalum to default XML (MatthiasM2)
- Show mob name in soul vial tooltip (MatthiasM2)
- Allow naming of soul vials (MatthiasM2)
- Show moo fluid name in soul vial tooltip (MatthiasM2)
- Show mob health in soul vial tooltips (MatthiasM2)
- Show sheep color in soul vial tooltips (MatthiasM2)
- Add soul bound enchantment description (MatthiasM2)
- Implement IInventoryConnection on item conduits. Should improve compatibility with TE (hilburn)
- #1458 Add button to merge inventory with existing snapshot in the existing item filter (MatthiasM2)
- Right clicking while sneaking with an existing item filter will add the content to the snapshot (MatthiasM2)
- Fluid conduits will now show their information in WAILA (MatthiasM2)
- Add detailed tooltips to fuel items while inside the Stirling Generator GUI (MatthiasM2)
- Process IMC from mods that send them in Post-Init (Parker8283)
- Show upgrade information in Stirling Generator GUI (MatthiasM2)
- Localized recipe names and keybind names (Adaptivity)
- Fix power monitor reading int values where it saved long values
- #1556 Fix farming station allowing 2 of the same kind of tool in the inventory
- Fix disabled mode not being accessible when a capacitor bank was against a generator
- #1548 Fix wireless charger redstone control not affecting wireless lights
- Fix farming station not accepting wooden axes (hilburn)
- Fix farming station allowing broken Tcon tools to be used (hilburn)
- Prevent crash when XP juice could not be found (MatthiasM2)
- #1595 Fix all buffers showing as Item Buffer in WAILA
- #1600 Travel Anchor crashes when painted as itself
- Fix fluid containers not being drained when the top side is configured for push (MatthiasM2)
- #1607 Fix farm damaging some items incorrectly
- #1433 Fix crash when Mekanism cable broken while next to capacitor bank (MatthiasM2)
- #1627 Fix not being able to extract from an unconfigured side on buffers (MatthiasM2)
- Fix Stirling Generator not pushing out empty buckets (MatthiasM2)
- Fix soul binder caching IIcons and rendering incorrectly after texture restitch
- Fixed author list in (Adaptivity)
- Fixed ExU colored blocks not rendering properly in facades (MatthiasM2)
- Fixed light calculation of painted slabs to match vanilla (MatthiasM2)
- #1673 Fix grinding ball percentage tooltip being invalid sometimes (MatthiasM2)
- #1655 Fix conduit probe not copying redstone mode of fluid conduits (MatthiasM2)
- #1609 Fix buffer buttons having incorrect tooltips (MatthiasM2)
- #1701 Bucket interaction on tanks no longer takes side configuration into account (MatthiasM2)
- Fix fused quartz/quite clear glass sides not rendering when they are occluded by different types of the same block
- #1640 Fix soulbound having ridiculous values for enchantability
- #1643 Fix Ender Rail breaking instantly
Version 2.2.6
- Add Buffer. Comes in 4 types: Item, Power, Omni, Creative.
- Used to be a small inventory/power storage with a large throughput.
- Can be used to "transform" between different conduit types.
- Creative buffer will pull/push infinite items/power.
- Can be painted and has connected textures with Chisel.
- #32 Add connected photovoltaic panels. Will now form a multiblock and generate/emit power as a cohesive unit.
- Add default recipe for the "Repair" enchant from Thaumcraft
- #1456 Wireless Charger can be deactivated with redstone
- Add support for old and new chisel versions
- Add farming support for cocoa (hilburn)
- Add farming support for mana beans - disabled by default (hilburn)
- Add farming station support for giant mushrooms (hilburn)
- Add a percentage tooltip to the grinding ball remaining bar
- Farm axe detection should now support most modded axes
- Add ExNihilo recipes to SAG mill default recipes (MatthiasM2)
- Add "modes" for SAG mill bonuses, allow you to disable the main output bonus (MatthiasM2)
- Add whitelist for hoes supported by farming station
- #1490 Add SAG mill recipe for charged certus quartz crystals
- Fix obelisk hovering item being stuttery
- #1447 Capacitor bank render glitch when restitching textures
- Fix obelisk bounds
- Fix soulbound enchant being missing when ID set to -1
- #1466 Fix travel anchor teleport being one block off in certain directions
- #1436 Fix crash when painted block placed at y=0
- #1489 Fix farming station trying to harvest certain non-bush blocks above berry bushes
- #1500 Fix dupe bug with infernal mobs and killer joe
- Fix small capacitor bank bug causing 2x as much power to be pulled as expected in some situations
- #1501 Fix travel anchor dropping in creative
- #1445 Fix cap banks refusing to be set to input mode when connected to certain blocks
- Fix crash when tons (thousands) of cap banks edited at once.
- #1416 Fix advanced item filter not matching some bees properly (hilburn)
- Fix obelisk hovering item rendering being broken in fast graphics mode
- Fix grinding ball duration bar not rendering sometimes
- Fix fill gauge connecting on creative capacitor banks
Version 2.2.5
- Killer joe can now have its sword extracted
- Killer joe will now update its render properly when a sword is added/removed
- Update version to prevent other RF API versions loading instead of EnderIO's
- Fix right clicking redstone color buttons not making the clicky noise
Version 2.2.4
- #1413 Added support for Dense Ores in SAG Mill and Alloy Furnace
- #1029 Add lock buttons to farm seed slots
- #1209 Add API interface to allow forced connection of redstone conduits
- Added IMC support for defining if a block or tile entity should be connected to by insulated redstone conduits
- #1409 Energy conduit and capacitor interaction bug
- #1412 Null pointer Exception in console
- #1421 Capacitor bank wont pull energy from a dim. transceiver
- #1423 Crash using 'show range' button in aversion / attractor obelisk
- Fixed infinite power bug
Version 2.2.3
- Added Dark Steel Ladder
- Added new Capacitor Banks
- 3 tiers
- Configurable level / io display
- Existing cap banks unchanged but are no longer craftable. Convert them to new version by placing in the crafting grid (power level is maintained)
- Added preferences for Ore Dictionary outputs for the SAG Mill and Alloy Furnace.
- Defaults to Thermal Foundation when available, see OreDictionaryPreferences_Core.xml
- Added config option to add Ore Dictionary entries and registered names to tooltips (default is off)
- Added support for increased Enderman Skull drops when using a TiC Cleaver or weapon with the beheading modifier
- Values adjustable in config. Default sets Cleaver = The Ender, Beheading = looting on The Ender
- Capacitor Banks can now be used to add the Flux upgrade to TiC tools
- #1378 Soul Vial filled in a Powered Spawner now produce identical item stacks to enable their use in auto crafting systems
- Ender Fluid Conduit filters and auto extract can now be used when in/out mode
- Updated implementation of RF API to send power to IEnergyReceivers that are not IEnergyHandlers
- SAG Mill no longer produces dusts for metals that are not available
- Corrected Experience Obelisk tooltip
- Improved recipe support for Thermal Foundation/Expansion in the SAG Mill and Alloy Smelter
- Painted items are now rendered with a border to make it easier to tell them from the paint source blocks
- Painted glow stone hardness increased to stop instant breaking
- Increased mining level of Dark Steel Pick so it can mine TiC Cobalt and Ardite ore (can be disabled in the config)
- Halved the skull drop chance when mobs killed by a 'fake player', such as killer joe (can be changed in the config)
- Added Soul Bound enchantment ID to the config
- Dark Steel Pick will now apply the obsidian efficiency boost on all hard blocks (can be changed in the config)
- Crafter can now be configured to buffer either single items or item stacks
- Dimensional Transceiver can now be configured to buffer either single items or item stacks
- Added 'show range' button to Attractor Obelisk
- Update to support WAILA 1.5.6
- #1268 Capacitor bank not honoring input redstone settings
- #1285 Ender Rail can no longer be rotated as the forge rotation code was messing with my bits
- #1285 Ender Rail not adjusting the direction of RC locomotives when required
- #1297 EnderLiquidConduit writing excessive warning messages
- #1333 Sound locator sometimes creates thousands of entities per frame
- Sound locator entities not being rendered in some cases
- #1335 Dimensional Transceivers not saving channels after server restart
- #1336 Soul Binder - Ghost Block
- #1339 SAG Mill grinding balls reducing return rate for bonus outputs
- #1347 Capacitor Bank energy duplication bug
- #1348 Item conduits not connecting to tesseracts in receive only mode
- #1351 Travel Anchor: Item needs to be added before text is displayed
- #1354 ME conduit always connected regardless of visual state
- #1357 Power Conduits replaced by growing tree's
- #1361 Enlightened Fused Quartz is not blast resistant
- #1366 Powered Spawner doesn't remain active when chunk loaded
- #1371 Farming Stations don't harvest third/top block of sugar cane or cactus
- #1373 Fluid Tank accepts fluid regardless of configuration
- #1383 Travel Anchor crash
- #1384 Disabling one side of machines disables the opposite side as well.
- #1401 Crash when opening Vat GUI
- RF Tools not charging in Killer Joe until he has attacked something
- Farm and Dark Steel Axe where having non target trees with adjacent log blocks
- Conduits not sending out TE updates properly
Version 2.2.2
- #779 Added solar upgrade for DS helm
- #1098 Added Soulbound enchantment. Items with this enchantment will not be dropped when the player dies
- Added send/recieve item filters to the Dimensional Transceiver
- Added 'Capture Mode' to powered spawners to allow automated filling of Soul Vials
- Added white/black lists for paint sources for the Painter. Thaumcraft silverwood/great wood planks
whitelisted by default. See PainterPaintSources_Core.xml for details.
- Added support for transparent facades. Facades that are not opaque will not stop conduits rendering
- #1257 Upgrading Dark Steel items with capacitors now increases the amount of damage absorbed by power as
well as the amount of power stored
- #900 New texture for quite clear glass block
- #1011 Shift-clicking armor from a Capacitor Bank's charge slots will re-equip the item if possible
- #1320 Charged Certus Quartz Ore now produces charged rather than normal certus quartz in the SAG Mill
- Increased max stack size for Soul Vials and Broken Spawners to 64
- Reduced amount of powered stored in wireless charger from 1 mil to 200k
- #1254 Add method for tools to control hiding of facades
- For this, a new API has been added, containing ITool
- Added support for a large number of new IMC messages. Details in crazypants.enderio.api.IMC
- Increased range of Aversion Obelisk and lower power use to tier three upgrade
- #1261 Add max level configs for XP obelisk, killer joe, and soul binder
- Added Thaumcraft Warded blocks to the default teleport black list
- #1272 Number of items required for each enchantment level in the Enchanter can now be set in the config
- Added config option to disable Dimensional Transceiver
- Fix outer corners on connected texture blocks not being metadata sensitive when they should be
- Fixed coolant tooltips
- #1266 Certain types of blocks can't be repainted
- #1273 Farming Stations not accepting enough power to keep up
- #1284 Spawner not working when chunk loaded
- #1280 The Ender Sword holds 1m RF but only shows 100k
- #1298 Painted Blocks for biome specific Blocks render grey
- #1300 Farming Station won't take MFR Rubber trees
- #1312 Incorrect number of items used in Alloy Smelter recipe
- #1313 Solar arrays cause an immense amount of packets to be sent
- #1310 Crash using existing item filter
Version 2.2.1
- Added dense ME Conduits
- Added config to stop staff of travelling going through unbreakable blocks
- Added underground biomes support to SAG Mill
- #1223 Various small GUI- and NEI-related improvements and tweaks (Tonius)
- #1232 Painted Glowstone now implements IFacade and will have connected textures with chisel
- #1238, #1251 Improved control and modification of grinding balls via the SAGMillRecipes_User.xml file
- #1164 Conduit resistance increased
- #1226 Redstone color not showing on MFR machines / BR ports
- #1210 ME Conduits enabling without AE2
- #1230 ME Conduits overlap with Gas Conduits
- #1228 Spoon upgrade still not working properly
- #1239 Ender Rail uncraftable with Special Mobs
- #1248 Farming Station performance issue when large tree farm has no axe
- #1259 shift right click on vacuum chest with a wrench causes it to disappear
- Power conduits will now connect to blocks implementing IEnergyConnection
- Fixed SAG Mill recipes for BoP bone segments
- Fixed lights becoming wireless on place
- Fixed some blocks showing power in WAILA when they shouldn't
Version 2.2.0
- Updated Build Craft API compatibility to v6.1
- Build Craft API is no longer required and is not distributed with EIO
- All MJ support removed
- Still compatible with BC v6.0 though no MJ support or liquid fuel registration
- Added ME Conduits - basic, carry 8 channels. Unfinished. (tterrag)
- Added support for IAETool for wrench compatibility with AE
- Added Computer Craft support to insulated redstone conduits (Vexatos)
- Insulated Redstone Conduits can now be toggled between emitting a strong and weak signal via the GUI
Default output has been reverted to a weak signal.
- Added tool blacklist to prevent broken spawners dropping when using those tools
- Allow dark pick to work on glass material blocks such as glowstone (tterrag)
- Add comparator support to tanks and capacitor banks (tterrag)
- Railcraft API no longer distributed with EIO
- Thaumcraft API no longer distributed with EIO
- Added support for Ender Zoo enchants to Enchanter
- Added spawn costs for Ender Zoo mobs to powered spawner config
- #1188 Updated zh_CN.lang (Mrkwtkr)
- #1199 Create Korean translation (puyo061)
- #1218 All conduits now keep connection settings when removing/replacing adjacent blocks
- Fix NEI handler for vat showing fire if a recipe only has one item. (tterrag)
- Fix spoon upgrade only working on certain blocks (tterrag)
- Fixed ore dictionary registration of sand to include red sand
- Fixed crash when upgrading Daek Steel Helm with Goggles of Revealing
- #1157 Ender IO and Staff of Traveling not working in Mystcraft Ages
- #1184 Dimensional Transceiver forgets connections bug Code Complete
- #1191 #1203 Fixed crash with wireless electric light
- #1194 Fixed infinite loop created using ender fluid conduits and TE tesseracts.
- #1197 Fixed packet size for machine progress updates.
- #1201 Displayed Armor RF Power Values where 10x too actual (only a UI issue)
Version 2.1.8
- Added text labels to Travel Anchors and improved rendering and selection
- Added new item 'Ender Resonator', made in Slice'N'Splice, used to make wireless chargers and dim. trans.
'Easy' recipe config option added to use old, cheaper recipe
- Added wireless powered light (tterrag)
- Old transceiver now hidden in NEI / creative tab. Will be removed soon, convert existing blocks to new version by
placing in the crafting grid
- #1167 Improved NEI handlers (Tonius)
- #1165 Updated zh_CN.lang (Mrkwtkr)
- Removed mobs from EnderIO, moved to new mod EnderZoo
- Redstone conduits will now output strong signal to blocks they are connected to (tterrag)
- Machines now only respond to strong redstone signals (tterrag)
- #1181 Add dump buttons to vat tanks (tterrag)
- Added the ability to set the output direction of Ender Rails
- #1162 Infinite Broken-Spawner exploit with Twilight Forest
- #1170 Dimensional Transceiver infinite loop with liquids
- #1176 Stirling Gen not outputting as much power as it generates when base rate changed in config
- Transceiver item buffers would allow multiple non-stackable items of the same type
Version 2.1.7
- Added EnderRail
- Added Dark Steel Anvil (tterrag)
- #1145 Added RedNet support to insulated redstone conduits (fnuecke)
- #1133 Update zh_CN.lang (Mrkwtkr)
- #1138 Created cs_CZ.lang (nalimleinad)
- #1156 Updated CoFH API
- Fixed Transceivers losing items when single player worlds reloaded without restarting MC
- More than one stack of quartz can now be placed in alloy smelter when making fused quartz
- #1150 Crash when Farming Station Error trying to plant Pam's Mob Seeds (nb, they don't work, but it wont crash)
- #1152 Fluids blocks missing names
- #1153 Item conduits crash with invalid item stacks (one without an item assigned)
- #1159 Painter allows you to paint glowstone with a painted block causing crash
Version 2.1.6
- #1147 Increased Dimensional Transceiver energy buffer from 100k to 500k
- Using travel upgrade on tools not draining power
- #1128 Ender IO crashes when using travel staff in SMP
- #1139 Attractor not working with existing entities.
- #1142 Dimension Transceiver crash, NullPointerException
- #1143 Soul binder has incorrect lighting in come situations
- #1023 Displayed power not rendering the non-breaking space separator correctly (French locale)
- #1136 Crafter energy cost on GUI tool tip wrong.
- #1144 Wireless charger not keeping its charge when the game / chunk is unloaded
- #1058 Can't extract buckets from stirling gen (tterrag)
Version 2.1.5
- Experience Obelisk now stores XP internally. Can still be extracted/inserted to/from liquidXP.
- #1132 Fixed item duplication bug using Dimensional Transceiver
Version 2.1.4
- Fixed client side crash with Killer Joe when playing SMP
Version 2.1.3
- Better bounding boxes on obelisks (tterrag)
- Left clicking XP obelisk takes one level from player (tterrag)
- WAILA support on all IInternalPowerReceptor and IConduitBundle (tterrag)
- WAILA support for photovoltaic panels (efficiency %) (tterrag)
- Allow killer joe's sword to charge from wireless chargers (tterrag)
- Localize to Conduit Connector (tterrag)
- Fix WAILA tooltip for dim.trans., was showing channel types even with no channels assigned to them (tterrag)
- Dimensional Transceiver send/receive item buffers will only accept one stack per item type
- #1127 Implemented IEnergyContainerItem on the Capacitor Bank item so it can be charged in item form (Tonius)
- Added ability to add Soul Binder recipes via IMC
- Fix tormented enderman head (and future head variants) dropping damage 0 always (tterrag)
- Fixed attractor not working with wither skellies.
- Dark Steel pressure plate no longer needs to be placed in the painter first when painting with quite clear glass.
- #1106 Using 2nd mode of conduit probe causes server disconnect
- #1107 Crash placing machine next to door
- #1112 (new) Dimentional transceiver doesn't save the selected channels on pickup
- #1113 Dark Pick Travel does not work correctly.
- #1115 Glass Painted Dark Pressure Plate doesn't render in inventory or as item
- #1116 Soul Binder recipes not working with Special Mobs
- #1121 Killer Joe XP bar doesn't update if not active
- #1125 Improved client side performance when pressurized fluid conduits are transferring small volumes of fluid
- #1128 Server crashes with cauldron when teleporting
- #1129 Server crash on placement of Painting Machine
Version 2.1.2
- Fix for client crash when using travel anchor
Version 2.1.1
- Dimensional Transceiver re-written. To convert existing transceivers to the new version place in the crafting grid.
Now supports sending to / receiving from an unlimited number of other transceivers / channels.
- Added Enderminy Mob (Ollieedd)
- #1040 #1059 Added key toggles for speed and step assist upgrades for DS armor
- #1061 Reservoir can be disabled in the config
- #1071 Added recipes to make fused quartz and enlightened glass using quartz blocks and glowstone blocks (MatthiasMann)
- Yeta wrench works with IDismantleable (Thermal Expansion) blocks (tterrag)
- Added config options to disable all slime and squid spawns
- Improved displayed names of paint sources
- Improve power bar rendering for Dark Steel tools/armor (tterrag)
- Added support for connected texture facades with chisel mod. This will not work until the next release of chisel.
- Added WAILA support to capacitor bank, transceiver, and tank (tterrag)
- When in creative mode the 'drain xp' button of the soul binder now always works.
- Added Underground Biomes Constructs Support to SAG Mill recipes (mmatis)
- Added config option to dump mob names in the format required by EIOs blacklists.
- Updated Metallurgy's Ore Dictionary names for SAG Mill recipes (Glassmaker)
- Updated ru_RU.lang (Anton)
- Updated zh_CN.lang (Mrkwtkr)
- #1068 Spiders and Zombie Pigman not working correctly with attractor.
- #1076 Recipes for Slice'N'Splice not showing axe and shears in NEI
- #1070 Alloy smelter produces normal Glass with 2-3 Stacks of Sand
- #1087 Combustion generator GUI not updated on fuel change
- #1102 Crafter duping items
- #1101 Missing localization for painted carpet
- #1100 Angle Wings (ExU) flying is activate when jumping on travel anchor
- Fixed some shaped recipe definitions to allow crafting in different sections of grid (tterrag)
- Fixed Snowballs not being harvested with spoon upgrade.
- Remove unneeded call causing NPE in VatRecipeManager (tterrag)
Version 2.1.0
- Removed MJ support from machines
- Power conduits can output but longer recieve MJ
- Reduced default IO for tier 1 power conduits
- Added Slice'N'Splice
- Added Soul Binder
- Added Attractor Obelisk
- Added Aversion Oblisk
- Added Experience Obelisk
- Added Experience Rod
- Added Liquid XP (Open Blocks compatible)
- Added Spoon upgrade for Dark Steel Pick
- Added Travel upgrade for Dark Steel Pick and The Ender
- Added Goggles of Revealing upgrade for Dark Steel Helmet
- Conduit probe now has a 'copy/paste' mode to copy conduit settings.
- Improved Staff of Travelling and Yeta Wrench rendering
- FarmStation: crops other than trees now require a hoe to be harvested, and the hoe takes 1 damage point per harvest
- Farm now supports fertilized dirt
- Many changes to recipes
- Right mouse button now goes 'back' on the color and redstone mode buttons.
- Added TE 'Hammer' support to Yeta Wrench so it works on TE machines
- Updated all config entries to use RF
- Added config option for power conduit IO values
- Added config option to stop power conduits of different tiers connecting
- Added config option for stirling gen output
- Added config option for painter power use
- Added config option to disable tinker's XP bushes in farming station
- Added black list for Soul Vial and Powered Spawners
- Added per mob type power use config for powered spawner
- Added block black list for teleporting using staff / travel upgrade
Version 2.0.9
- Added config options to disable certain items from being added to loot tables (Cades)
- Updated zh_CN.lang (Mrkwtkr, sb023612)
- #1026 Machine dupe
Version 2.0.8
- Register Enlightened Clear Glass in the Ore Dictionary as "glass" and "blockGlass" (ChatFawkes)
- Localize the beacon base tooltip (tterrag)
- Fix NPE when opening Ender IO via travel anchor with staff in hand (tterrag)
- Fix server kick bug in nutrient distillation (tterrag)
- Fix pick block on electric light (tterrag)
- #1012 Crash with TE Texture
- #961 #1010 Fluid and Energy conduits not behaving correctly in "without redstone signal" mode
- Fix bug with Tcon where two broken spawners would drop from one spawner
Version 2.0.7
- #815 #972 Added support for fertilized dirt to farm station
- Ingot blocks now useable as beacon bases (tterrag)
- Add config option for killer joe to give one level of the PLAYER'S xp, rather than 1 lvl of Joe's (tterrag)
- #997 Cannot edit machine IO in custom Mystcraft ages
- Staff of Travelling and Yeta Wrench now rendered correctly as tools (tterrag)
- Fix Speed upgrade draining power while flying (tterrag)
- Fix ds axe recipe (tterrag)
- Fix zombie gen WAILA tooltip (tterrag)
- Fix Dim. Trans. GUI closing when 'e' is typed (tterrag)
- Fix infinite recursion when painting travel anchor as itself (tterrag)
Version 2.0.6
- #981 Fix FPS issues when using redstone conduits
- #978 Farm lighting issues
Version 2.0.5
- Shift+Left Click now with Yeta Wrench on conduits now opens conduit GUI (you don't need to see the 'connection plate' anymore!)
- #967 Crash opening conduit GUI
- Fixed update issue with wireless charger causing player inventory update issues with Mine and Blade: Battle Gear 2
- Fixed player inventory de-sync when opening Dim. Trans Gui
Version 2.0.4
- Added silent dark steel pressure plates
- Add basic WAILA plugin (tterrag)
- Re-balanced/reduced Stirling Generator output
- Increased default power use of powered spawner
- Hootch can now be made with apples
- Nutrient Distillation can be made with skulls (highest output), other sources output reduced
- Upgraded farms now have a higher continuous power use
- Farmer harvesting logs now uses more power than harvesting other crops (values in config)
- Updated zh_TW.lang (mymagadsl)
- Register ingot storage blocks to Ore Dictionary (Alexander Hess)
- Added enlightened fused quartz to the oredict as hardened glass (Tonius)
- #935 Machines can be accessed and modified regardless of cauldron world guard settings
- #945 Fixed a bug causing massive extra output from stirling gens
- #949 Error adding custom enchants
- #954 Crafted Conduit Facade invisible if shift-click not used
- #958 Farming station: wrong energy buffer size
- Fixed cap banks not receiving power from universal cables.
- Non-painted dark steel pressure plates dropping without a texture.
- Fixed hardened glass oredictionary entry names (Tonius)
Version 2.0.3
- Added 'Gas Conduit' to transport Mekanism gases (Tonius)
- Added new alloy 'Soularium'
- Added 'Soul Vial' item to capture and move mobs
- Nerfed default skull drop chances (requires Config reset)
- Updated zh_CN.lang (sb023612)
- #933 Removed SAG Mill bonuses from quartz blocks / stairs etc to prevent item dupes.
- #938 Insulated Redstone Conduit with Multiple Colored Endpoints Not Working
- Added recipe to convert storage blocks back to ingots
- Added optimisation to conduit rendering
- Fixed crash when a power network is destroyed before being initialized.
Version 2.0.2
- Added basic farm notifications, never wonder why your farm is stuck again! (tterrag)
- Added storage blocks for alloys and other metals (tterrag)
- Added ore dictionary registration for all nuggets (tterrag)
- #926 Increased the default dim. trans. power transmit limit so it can support the top tier conduits
- #933 Removed SAG Mill grinding ball bonuses for AE Fluix and Certus Quartz Crystals
- Using block with a Tile Entity as a paint source can be disabled in the config
- Updated ru_RU.lang (Anton)
- Lowered default power use of DS boots.
- #909 Dark Leggings Speed Upgrade cause mouse wheel issues.
- #923 Item Filter Dupe Bug
- #925 EnderIO Machines will not accept power from Mekanism Universal Cables
- #929 Reinforced Obsidian not actually wither-proof
- #930 Crash painting facades as machines from TE/other stuff
- Stopped sending block updates when a conduits neighbor changes
- Register quite clear glass as "blockGlass" as well for compatability
- Fix DS Pressure Plate not dropping with painted data
Version 2.0.1
- Dark Steel pressure plates can be painted in the Painting Machine. Quite clear glass can be used to make them invisible.
- Travel Anchors can be painted in the Painting Machine.
- Updated RF API (no functional change)
- #918 Painted Glowstone Client Side Crash bug
Version 2.0.0
- Ported 1.0.6 for MC 1.6.4 to MC 1.7.10
- Dark Steel powered armor
- The Ender powered sword
- Dark Steel powered pickaxe
- Dark Steel powered axe
- Armor and tools upgradable in the anvil to add power + extras
- The Vat: produces liquid fuels (see VatRecipes_Core.xml for recipes)
- Liquid fuels: Hooch, Fire Water and Rocket Fuel
- Combustion Generator
- Zombie Generator
- Farm Station
- Portable Tanks
- Dark Steel Pressure Plate (player only)
- Advanced Photovoltaic Panel
- Ender Fluid Conduit
- Crafter
- Inverted and non-powered lights
- Enlighted Glass and Fused Quartz
- Blast resistent Dark Steel Bars
- Powered Magnet
- Wireless Charger
- Enchanter
- Killer Joe
- Reinforced Obsidian
- Removed advanced item conduits and added upgrades to the basic conduits
- Stirling Generator now gets more efficient and faster with upgrades.
- Added per side auto 'push/push' of items/fluids to all machines
- Overhaul of machine UI's, adding more information
- Machines maintained their inventory, upgrades, power and IO modes when broken
- New textures for SAG Mill and Stirling Gen (Tahg)
- Updated BC API to be compatible with BC 6 (Prototik)
- Updated RF API (dark-skript)
- Glowstone and carpet can be painted in the painting machine
- Fused quartz is now blast resistent