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@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@ Changes
- Wither skeletons will now drop Tcon necrotic bones and respect Tcon beheading
- Improve efficiency of wireless chargers (MatthiasM2)
- Refactor how all EIO blocks drop themselves, should resolve all™ issues with such in the future
+- It is now possible to use the yeta wrench shift+left click in creative mode (MatthiasM2)
+- Alloy smelter will now give smelting achievements (iron, fish) (MatthiasM2)
+- Wireless charger will now keep its stored energy when picked up (MatthiasM2)
+- EnderIO GUIs with tabs will move NEI items out of the way (MatthiasM2)
- Fix crash with iguana tweaks level ups in farm

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