Lots of XP into Obelisk causes stall #3915

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Issue Description:

Note: If this bug occurs in a modpack, please report this to the modpack author. Otherwise, delete this line and add your description here. If you are using an unreleased version of Ender IO (e.g. for 1.8.9), please don't open an issue for features that have not been announced as "finished" or "working".

What happens: When you try to put a large amount of exp into a xp obelisk, the server stalls out.

What you expected to happen: XP goes into obelisk, and server does not stall.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup a server with spongeforge and enderio.
  2. Try to add a lot of xp to an xp obliesk(occured for us with about 17k xp)
  3. Server stalls(you can read the stall report using the sampler mod by player)

Affected Versions (Do not use "latest"):

  • EnderIO: EnderIO-1.10.2-
  • EnderCore: EnderCore-1.10.2-
  • Minecraft: 1.10.2
  • Forge: Forge 2124

Your most recent log file where the issue was present:

[pastebin/gist/etc link here]
Stall report:

@HenryLoenwind HenryLoenwind added the 1.10 label Dec 15, 2016
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