conduits dont work correctly #3943

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Issue Description:

some conduit connections work some dont

What happens:

i have conduit network for my farm and couple of item conduit do not wanna accept items to send them only one does im using farming station

What you expected to happen:

that all Will work

Steps to reproduce:

dont know how to reproduce it took me like couple of days to build this farm so networking is complex

Affected Versions (Do not use "latest"):

  • EnderIO:
  • EnderCore:1.10.2-
  • Minecraft: 1.7.10
  • Forge:

Are the item conduits crossing a chunk border? I'm having an issue with item conduits too.

  • EnderIO:
  • EnderCore:1.10.2-
  • Minecraft: 1.10.2
  • Forge:
VT-14 commented Dec 26, 2016

Neither report has the requested FML logs. There's also not enough information to try to recreate the issue, or to point out potential mistakes. Pictures would help a LOT in this case.


Well I'm playing on a server but I'll try to replicate it in single player

MysticAura commented Dec 27, 2016 edited

I've had a really rough time with conduits lately as well. They're completely disregarding priority and I often have to break and replace them to get them to start functioning again at all. SSP and SMP, multiple different setups. There is nothing in any of the logs concerning the issue at all. It's not a case of not being set up right when I can break replace and suddenly they're working again. However, even then the priority is getting ignored completely.

One of my tests last night was having a mod filter on an rftools storage, negative priority to catch overflow of vanilla items.. and an AA large crate set at high priority to take all the golden armor. The armor goes into the rftools storage first every time.

Update: When it tries to respect priority and you look at the inventory, the item keeps pulling out and going back in as if it's fighting with the other, lower priority connection.

aaronmallen commented Dec 28, 2016 edited

What I am seeing is item conduit completely stop working when chunks are loaded/unloaded.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup an Actually Additions empowerer
  2. Configure empower to accept crystalized canola seeds, configure display stands to accept canola seeds
  3. Unload the chunk by going to another dimension or logging off
  4. Come back and try to feed the empower the appropriate seed products.

Result: display stands or empowerer (its kind of random) will not be fed seeds from the chest/source.

you can work around this simply by removing an item conduit and replacing it.

Another reporduction example:

  1. Setup a farming station
  2. Setup a RFTools crafter to make hoes and axes
  3. Feed the crafter and a Storage Drawers drawer controller the output of the farming station with item conduit. The crafter should have a higher priority than the draw controller. The farming stations should output on the green channel and accept input from the crafter on the red channel
  4. Unload the chunk by going to another dimension or logging off
  5. Reload the chunk

Result: The farming station will not feed its output to the item conduit network
This can also be worked around simply by removing a single item conduit on the network and replacing it.

Additionally I'm seeing an issue where if you set a capacitor bank to only accept power with redstone signal but explicitly set input and output sides, you also have to tell the energy conduit to only insert with redstone signal. I would expect setting the capacitor to be sufficient on its own.

I'm ALSO seeing tier 1 liquid conduits connecting to blocks and automatically extracting liquid even though its set to the default "only extract with signal" setting.

Is there a way to enable a debug mode for EnderIO? I'd be happy to provide the logs next time I see the issue. (I would need to know where to find the logs as well as how to enable the logging).

Pack: Direwolf20 v1.2.1 minecraft-1.10.2 Pack
Minecraft: 1.10.2
EnderIO: EnderIO-1.10.2-

I have experienced the same problem seen by @aaronmallen, with item conduits not passing items, randomly, with the Actually Additions empower setup. I have also experienced a problem with the Actually Additions farmer not exporting items through conduits. Breaking and replacing the conduit fixes the issue every time. I had not associated chunk loading with the issue but have noticed the problem immediately after logging in to a game. I too am willing to provide additional details.

I am using EnderIO - 1.10.2-


@aaronmallen completly agreed and confirmed. Same problem here. I personly think it to be a problem of chunc loading. I simply break a single item conduit from my farm to the output chest and replace it then everything is fine. I havent tried a chunc loader though.


I also believe it's tied to chunk loading in most cases. Botania is having a similar problem with mana spreader chains when in non chunk loaded areas. Have to break and replace in that instance as well.

tgstyle commented Dec 28, 2016 edited

Can confirm when leaving an area and coming back, conduits disconnect across chunk borders, replacing a conduit in the line, any conduit, seems to "reconnect" them all. Chunk loading does not appear to have an effect either way for me.

Aulweas commented Dec 28, 2016

I have started having the same issue with the DW20 pack. It seems to have started with the 1.1.1-1.10.2 (beta) update. I updated my pack originally and built an Actually Additions empowerer and used Enderio conduits for some basic automation. I went AFK and when I came back the conduits under the empowerer were corrupt. They were being represented by squares inside of squares. I didn't screen shot it, nor could I break them or interact with them with the Yeta wrench. I had to revert to a previous save prior.

I recreated the empowerer again, and this time it worked fine. I am now experiencing other issues with SAG Mills, Alloy Smelters, and Farming Stations not extracting to EnderIO conduits. Most of my conduits are attached to Refined Storage interfaces at some location. Because of this layout some parts of my base work, while others don't.

I currently have a farming station that is connected directly into a vanilla chest. It wont output the netherwart into the chest. I have replaced the farming station 3x, and the conduits at the connection (As this has fixed similar issues) points multiple times. This is maintained in a single chunk, that is not chunk loaded. But doesn't work when I stand next to it. Nothing is fixing it.

Also I apologize, but if someone could explain how to post my logs I will be more than willing.


An update. I just now noticed the same issue with Redstone conduit, redstone signal was not being passed. I broke and replaced a single piece of redstone conduit (Insulated Redstone Conduit) and was back up and running.

Ender IO 1.10.2-
Ender Core 1.10.2-


First, conduits are multi-blocks. And having one half of the multi-block in a loaded and the other half in an unleaded chunk will at very best load and unload the "unloaded" chunk once per tick. Worst case is that things break. That usually works fine at the edge of the loaded area (chunks here get loaded in and out all the time, even from vanilla blocks on the edge). But if you chunkload an area, always chunkload your conduit networks completly. (This is per conduit type.)

Second, I added some debugging code. Starting with the next build ( you can create diagnostics data by right-clicking a conduit with a stick. Please do so with a couple of conduits that are dead and send me the output from your client logfile. Please also add a screenshot and give some info so I can map the lines to the conduits on the picture.

Aulweas commented Dec 30, 2016

First, thank you. I have had my base completely chunck loaded, and experienced issues, and now completely unloaded. I was always using the built in ftb system of claiming your chunks and chunk loading them. I have since reinstalled the DW20 pack, upgraded a majority of the mods to newer versions, and am still experiencing this issue, however it isnt nearly as finiky to resolve when i log in.

In regards to helping debug, i will do anything you need. I am addicted to my EnderIO and im not sure i could play without them at this point.

tgstyle commented Jan 2, 2017

I'll bite because this conduit bug is annoying. Here is the debug output (crashed my client btw, so I hope it got all you needed).

As you can see here, a smelter has some alloy in it that is not being pulled by the fluid conduit in to the Smart Output from Tinker I/O.
2017-01-01_20 37 17

The output is one chunk west of the Smelter Controller.
2017-01-01_20 38 13

This is the Smelter controller one chunk east.
2017-01-01_20 37 57

The chunk you can see me in now one chunk east.
2017-01-01_20 38 02

The cunduit will not pull out the fluid until I break the connection and put it back. This happens whether I am chunk loaded with FTB Utils, or not. Conduit always breaks when I leave the area.


@tgstyle Do I see this correctly: The fluid conduit network only consists of two conduits? Is that as it should be or should it connect to those other fluid conduits, too?

If it is as it should and just doesn't work:

Can you make it break "on command"? Meaning, does it break every time you leave and come back? In that case, I'd be interested in the log from the same conduit once before it breaks and then after it breaks. (Background: There is a valid network and I need to find out why it doesn't do anything.)

If the visual representation is in the same "broken" state:

Then I need to log diagnostics for something else. (Background: I need to find why the network is split.)

tgstyle commented Jan 2, 2017

Yes the 2 fluid conduits shown are the ones that are broken (this is just one representation of the many that break), the others are disconnected because they are not in use yet. I can make it break on command by leaving the area and coming back. I will do a before diagnostic and send that to you.

tgstyle commented Jan 2, 2017

Here is a log before it breaks

I will try to get a before and after when I have more time.

davelien commented Jan 2, 2017

For what it is worth I have not seen had the problem reoccur since chunk loading my entire base.


same here. But i have seen problems with the ftb chunk loading. I use chicken chunc chunc loader. Since the no problem.

tgstyle commented Jan 3, 2017

Took almost an hour for it to break this time, here are the outputs. This example just used the 2 fluid conduits, I removed the item conduit.


Not Working


Thanks, @tgstyle. Just to clarify, this was with the chunk not chunkloaded, so you left and the conduits should have been unloaded at least once between those logs?

tgstyle commented Jan 3, 2017
Armitige commented Jan 4, 2017

I'm having a similar issue, except it's not related to chunk borders. It concerns item conduits and Botania red stringed containers. When I initially place item conduits next to red stringed containers, they connect fine, and input/output as expected, but as soon as I log off and back on again almost all item conduit connections with the red stringed containers lose connection.


@Armitige that sounds like the red string containers are not ready (eg don't expose an inventory) when the chunk gets loaded and do not issue a neighbor change event once they do. This is also a problem I have seen with some multi blocks of other mods.
Does that conduit connect once you place a block (eg dirt) next to it? If so then best to report that to Botania too.

Ricket commented Jan 7, 2017

I recorded a video of the conduits not working, and then at the end I break and replace a random conduit piece and the whole thing starts working (just luck, I did not expect it).

Aulweas commented Jan 10, 2017

So I recently updated my DW20 pack to the 1.3.2 version. The patch notes mention quark world gen has been disabled as a hotfix. Ever since I updated my game I am no longer having issues with my ender io conduits, or my cursed earth spawn stopping. I have only spent maybe 4 hours playing since updating, so I am curious if anyone else has had my good fortune?

Ricket commented Jan 10, 2017

My video was recorded with the 1.3.2 version of the pack. See the version numbers in #3978... I even hit this issue again earlier today, different section of conduit but it was not moving items, and when I broke & replaced one piece of conduit it started working.

Elvarion commented Jan 11, 2017 edited

We are running the Resonant rise pack and also getting this issue from time to time.
So what I did as a "solution" was placing a Online Detector with my name in it, this triggers a block breaker and a block placer that breaks and replaces the conduit line that's misbehaving. So every time I login this will trigger. Then I got an Entity Detector from Draconic Evolution that is semi-centered around the conduit lines. This also will detect me, So whenever I leave the area and then come back it will break and replace a part of the conduit.

This has not failed me yet and been working for about 3 days now.
Not really a permanent solution, but it works for now for me ^^

notacompletemoron commented Jan 14, 2017 edited

I'm having an issue where the item conduits aren't working past a chunk border.

I originally set it up with EnderIO-1.10.2- (working) then updated to EnderIO-1.10.2-3.1.156 (broken). Chunk loaders are not helping in this case.

EDIT: Using conduits in series is not working as well. I have 3 Auto Compressors (Ex Compressum) side-by-side, using conduits with in/out. Channels/colors/tunnels are as follows;

Left: In/Green Out/Brown
Center: In/Brown Out/Blue
Right: In/Blue (output to chest on opposite side).

I just spent the last few minutes fitting my machine inside the one chunk. The issue still persists.

EDIT: My issue may NOT be related to EIO, but instead of Ex Compressum.

fury0n commented Jan 15, 2017

Much like notacompletemoron said, I am also experiencing issues with the item conduits past chunk borders.

Currently using EnderCore-1.10.2-

This is however not anything that always has been an issue as I ran a previous version for ~3 weeks before the issues started, something triggered it. I've tried backtracing but have had no luck.

duckzeus commented Jan 17, 2017 edited

Having the same issue. All item conduits set to extract stop working when game is shut down and restarted.

In my world all chunks with conduits are chunkloaded and no conduits cross chunk boundaries.

Happy to pull whatever info would help in this instance

Edit: this is singleplayer on the DW20 pack FTBPresentsDirewolf20110-1.3.2-1.10.2

Aulweas commented Jan 20, 2017 edited

I did a fresh install roughly 11 days ago and it solved my problems. I updated the DW20 pack tonight and introduced this issue once again in my world. The issue was in place when I loaded into my world, I fixed it by braking a conduit and replacing it. When I left the area and came back the problem existed again. I am going to do another fresh install and migrate my save to see if that fixes it again.

Edit completely installing a fresh DW20 and migrating my save again fixed this issue. Something is happening during the update process on the curse launcher

Ricket commented Jan 20, 2017

When you say "fixed the issue" what do you mean? In my experience this issue is intermittent, are you reloading the world multiple times to test it?

Aulweas commented Jan 20, 2017

I had loaded up multiple times and teleported away from my base multiple times. However, I just got back from mining and I noticed my power was off. So it isn't fixed

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