Capacitor Banks

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Capacitor Banks store power. Capacitor Banks of the same tier can connect into a free-form multiblock. Each capacitor increases the total storage capacity, and the maximum transfer rate.

The Capacitor Bank GUI has four slots to charge RF items, can set the Max Input and Max Output, can react to a redstone signal to enable/disable energy input and output separately, and allows quick access to the Armor, off-hand, and Baubles slots. By mousing over the power bar you can see precise statistics relating to current power, maximum power, and current net power gain or loss.

Each side of a Capacitor Bank can be changed by shift + right clicking it with an empty hand, or by right clicking with a Yeta Wrench. This can be used to show a power bar or screen with power input/output outside of the GUI.

Basic Capacitor Bank

Stores 1,000,000 RF and can transfer 1,000 RF/t.

Capacitor Bank

Stores 5,000,000 RF and can transfer 5,000 RF/t.

Vibrant Capacitor Bank

Stores 25,000,000 RF and can transfer 25,000 RF/t.

Creative Capacitor Bank

Normally not craftable. Cannot form a multiblock. Is permanently set to contain 2,500,000 RF out of 5,000,000 and is capable of transferring 500,000 RF. Energy can either be inserted (voided) or extracted (infinite supply).

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