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Disabling Upgrades

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Disabling Dark Steel Upgrades

Disabling Dark Steel Upgrades can be done in 2 ways:

1. By editing the enderio.cfg file in the config/enderio folder.

To edit this file, do the following:

  • Open the file with an editor (eg. VS Code, Sublime Text, Notepad++, even Notepad)
  • Press CTRL+F (or the key combination which enables you to search text in a file)
  • Enter: upgrades
  • Go to the line: S:disabled=
  • Add the IDs of the upgrades you wish to disable after the =, separated by a ,.
    • You can enter any upgrade's ID here. It doesn't matter if the upgrade is for armor, tools or weapons.
    • Example: To disable the Elytra Upgrade and the Flippers Upgrade, the line has to be: S:disabled=enderio:elytra,enderio:swim.
  • Save the file (Ctrl+S)

ID table:

Name ID
Micro Anvil enderio:anvil
Mini Anvil enderio:anvil1
Pocket Anvil enderio:anvil2
Carpeting enderio:carpet
Depth enderio:depth
Direct enderio:direct
Elytra enderio:elytra
Empowered enderio:energyupgrade
Empowered II enderio:energyupgrade1
Empowered III enderio:energyupgrade2
Empowered IV enderio:energyupgrade3
Empowered V enderio:energyupgrade4
Glider enderio:glide
Fork enderio:hoe
Inventory I enderio:inv
Inventory II enderio:inv1
Inventory III enderio:inv2
Jump enderio:jumpboost1
Jump II enderio:jumpboost2
Jump III enderio:jumpboost3
Night Vision enderio:nightvision
Padding enderio:padding
Simple Solar enderiomachines:solar
Solar I enderiomachines:solar1
Solar II enderiomachines:solar2
Solar III enderiomachines:solar3
Sound Locator enderio:sounddetector
Speed enderio:speedboost1
Speed II enderio:speedboost2
Speed III enderio:speedboost3
Spoon enderio:spoon
Step Assist enderio:step_assist
Flippers enderio:swim
Explosive I enderio:tnt
Explosive II enderio:tnt1
Explosive III enderio:tnt2
Explosive IV enderio:tnt3
Explosive V enderio:tnt4
Travel enderio:travel
The One Probe enderio:top
Naturalist's Eye enderiointegrationforestry:naturalist_eye
Apiarist's Hat enderiointegrationforestry:apiarist_armor_head
Apiarist's Shirt enderiointegrationforestry:apiarist_armor_chest
Apiarist's Pants enderiointegrationforestry:apiarist_armor_legs
Apiarist's Shoes enderiointegrationforestry:apiarist_armor_feet
Revealing enderio:gogglesofrevealing
Thaumaturge's Robe enderio:thaumaturge_robe_chest
Thaumaturge's Leggings enderio:thaumaturge_robe_legs
Thaumaturge's Boots enderio:thaumaturge_robe_feet

2. By removing the crafting recipe for a Dark Steel Upgrade

This method doesn't disable Upgrades completely.

This method has less chance of having unintended side effects.

The one downside is that upgrade items will still be generated as (and on) dungeon loot. Only disabling the upgrades as shown above (or disabling the dungeon loot completely) will prevent that.

To disable the dungeon loot, follow this link: Disabling Dungeon Loot

To disable a DSU recipe, do the following:

  • Copy the file config/enderio/recipes/darksteel_upgrades.xml to config/enderio/recipes/user
  • Find the recipe you want to disable
  • Add disabled="true" inside the <recipe> tag
    • Example: To disable the Elytra Upgrade recipe, the Elytra Upgrade <recipe> should look like this:
      <recipe required="true" name="Dark Steel Upgrade: Elytra" disabled="true">
        <dependency upgrade="enderio:elytra"/>
            <item name="enderio:item_dark_steel_upgrade:0"/><item name="minecraft:elytra"/>
          <output name="enderio:item_dark_steel_upgrade:1" nbt='{"enderio:dsu":"enderio:elytra"}'/>
  • Save the file (Ctrl+S)
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