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# This script should be sourced after
def tcl(cmd):
global _tpycl
except NameError:
# no tcl yet, so first bring in the adapters, then the actual code
import tpycl
_tpycl = tpycl.tpycl()
packages = ['freesurfer', 'mrml', 'mrmlLogic', 'remoteio', 'teem', 'vtk', 'vtkITK']
for p in packages:
set dir $::env(SLICER_HOME)/$::env(SLICER_SHARE_DIR)/Tcl
source $dir/Slicer3Adapters.tcl
return _tpycl.tcl_eval(cmd)
class _sliceWidget(object):
""" an empty class that can be instanced as a place to store
references to sliceWidget components
def __init__(self):
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Initialize global slicer.sliceWidgets dict
# -- it gets populated in qSlicerLayoutManagerPrivate::createSliceView
# and then used by the scripted code that needs to access the slice views
slicer.sliceWidgets = {}
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