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foreach inst {e vorig vflip vflipNoOpt flip flipNoOpt} {
catch "$inst Delete"
vtkImageEllipsoidSource e
e SetCenter 75 75 0
vtkImageFlip flip
vtkImageFlip flipNoOpt
set xpos 20
set ypos 20
foreach v {vorig vflip vflipNoOpt} {
vtkImageViewer $v
$v SetPosition $xpos $ypos
incr xpos 350
$v SetColorWindow 255
$v SetColorLevel 128
$v Render
vorig SetInput [e GetOutput]
foreach f {flip flipNoOpt} {
$f SetInput [e GetOutput]
$f SetFilteredAxis 0
v${f} SetInput [$f GetOutput]
flipNoOpt OptimizationOff
foreach v {vorig vflip vflipNoOpt} {
$v Render
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