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import Slicer
import time
def newPlane():
# create a plane polydata
plane = Slicer.slicer.vtkPlaneSource()
plane.SetOrigin( 0., 0., 0. )
plane.SetPoint1( 100., 0., 0. )
plane.SetPoint2( 0., 0., 100. )
# create a simple texture image
imageSource = Slicer.slicer.vtkImageEllipsoidSource()
# set up display node that includes the texture
modelDisplayNode = Slicer.slicer.vtkMRMLModelDisplayNode()
# transform node
transformNode = Slicer.slicer.vtkMRMLLinearTransformNode()
# set up model node
modelNode = Slicer.slicer.vtkMRMLModelNode()
modelNode.SetAndObservePolyData( plane.GetOutput() )
modelNode.SetAndObserveDisplayNodeID( modelDisplayNode.GetID() )
modelNode.SetAndObserveTransformNodeID( transformNode.GetID() )
# need to invoke a NodeAddedEvent since some GUI elements
# don't respond to each event (for efficiency). In C++
# you would use the vtkMRMLScene::NodeAddedEvent enum but
# it's not directly available from scripts
return (modelNode, transformNode, imageSource)
def texturedPlane():
# create the plane and modify the texture and transform
# every iteration. Call Modified on the PolyData so the
# viewer will know to update. Call Tk's "update" to flush
# the event queue so the Render will appear on screen
# (update is called here as part of the demo - most applications
# should not directly call update since it can lead to duplicate
# renders and choppy interaction)
steps = 200
startTime = time.time()
modelNode,transformNode,imageSource = newPlane()
for i in xrange(steps):
imageSource.SetInValue( 200*(i%2) )
transformNode.GetMatrixTransformToParent().SetElement(0, 3, i)
Slicer.TkCall( "update" )
endTime = time.time()
ellapsed = endTime - startTime
hertz = steps/ellapsed
print 'ran %d iterations in %g seconds (%g hertz)' % (steps, ellapsed, hertz)
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