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import os
import string
import textwrap
import unittest
import vtk, qt, ctk, slicer
from slicer.ScriptedLoadableModule import *
import logging
# DMRIInstall
class DMRIInstall(ScriptedLoadableModule):
helpText = textwrap.dedent(
The SlicerDMRI extension provides diffusion-related tools including:
<li> Diffusion Tensor Estimation</li>
<li>Tractography Display</li>
<li>Tractography Seeding</li>
<li>Fiber Tract Measurement</li>
For more information, please visit:
&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href=""></a>
Questions are welcome on the Slicer forum:
&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href=""></a><br><br>
errorText = textwrap.dedent(
<h5 style="color:red">The SlicerDMRI extension is currently unavailable.</h5><br>
Please try a manual installation via the Extension Manager,
and contact the Slicer forum at:<br><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=""></a><br><br>
With the following information:<br>
Slicer version: {builddate}<br>
Slicer revision: {revision}<br>
Platform: {platform}
revision =,
platform =
def __init__(self, parent):
# Hide this module if SlicerDMRI is already installed
model =
if model.isExtensionInstalled("SlicerDMRI"):
parent.hidden = True
ScriptedLoadableModule.__init__(self, parent)
self.parent.categories = ["Diffusion"]
self.parent.title = "Install Slicer Diffusion Tools (SlicerDMRI)"
self.parent.dependencies = []
self.parent.contributors = ["Isaiah Norton (BWH), Lauren O'Donnell (BWH)"]
self.parent.helpText = DMRIInstall.helpText
self.parent.helpText += self.getDefaultModuleDocumentationLink()
self.parent.acknowledgementText = textwrap.dedent(
SlicerDMRI supported by NIH NCI ITCR U01CA199459 (Open Source Diffusion MRI
Technology For Brain Cancer Research), and made possible by NA-MIC, NAC,
BIRN, NCIGT, and the Slicer Community.
class DMRIInstallWidget(ScriptedLoadableModuleWidget):
"""Uses ScriptedLoadableModuleWidget base class, available at:
def setup(self):
self.textBox = ctk.ctkFittedTextBrowser()
self.textBox.setOpenExternalLinks(True) # Open links in default browser
# Apply Button
self.applyButton = qt.QPushButton("Install SlicerDMRI")
self.applyButton.toolTip = 'Installs the "SlicerDMRI" extension from the Diffusion category.'
self.applyButton.icon = qt.QIcon(":/Icons/ExtensionDefaultIcon.png")
self.applyButton.enabled = True
self.applyButton.connect('clicked()', self.onApply)
def onError(self):
self.applyButton.enabled = False
def onApply(self):
emm =
if emm.isExtensionInstalled("SlicerDMRI"):
self.textBox.setHtml("<h4>SlicerDMRI is already installed.<h4>")
self.applyButton.enabled = False
md = emm.retrieveExtensionMetadataByName("SlicerDMRI")
if not md or 'extension_id' not in md:
return self.onError()
if emm.downloadAndInstallExtension(md['extension_id']):"Restart to complete SlicerDMRI installation?")
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