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Welcome to SlimRoms

Getting Started

To get started with Slim6, you'll need to get familiar with Git and Repo.

To initialize your local repository using the Slim6 trees, use this command:

repo init -u git:// -b mm6.0

Then sync up with this command:

repo sync

Submitting Patches

We're open source, and patches are always welcome! You can send patches by using these commands:

cd <workspace>
repo start <branch> SlimRoms/<project>
cd <project>
git add -A
git commit -a
cd <workspace>
repo upload SlimRoms/<project>

Commit your patches in a single commit.

Squash multiple commit using this command:

git rebase -i HEAD~<# of commits>

If you are going to make extra additions, just repeat steps (Don't repo start again), but instead of

git commit -a


git commit --amend

Gerrit will recognize it as a new patchset.

To view the status of your and others patches, visit SlimRoms Code Review