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The old IguanaTweaks for TCon for 1.7.10. Not further developed, check out TinkersToolLeveling for 1.10+
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gradle/wrapper Update gradlewrapper to 2.0 Jul 14, 2014
hd-textures/john-smith/assets/iguanatweakstconstruct/textures/items Created proper folder structure for HD textures Nov 16, 2013
src Allow @Vexatos to use the stuff he needs from the code Apr 8, 2016
.gitattributes first commit Nov 2, 2013
Original_extratic_materials.txt Update Sep 14, 2014
build.gradle Fix buildscript and update to Tcon with weaponry \o/ Dec 22, 2014 Version bump.. final 1.7.10 release Mar 20, 2016
gradlew misc updates & gradleization May 3, 2014
gradlew.bat misc updates & gradleization May 3, 2014
pt_BR.lang pt_BR.lang creationem Aug 20, 2015
settings.gradle Also update filename, and update version number to 2.0, to signify th… Aug 10, 2014
version.json Update Versionchecker info Mar 13, 2015

IguanaTweaks for Tinkers Construct

The not really official repo for Iguana Tweaks for Tinker's Construct. Current Minecraft Version: 1.7.10

Everything is highly work in Progress.

##Special thanks go to:

  • Glassmaker for starting the port and being awesome in general
  • mDiyo, progwml6, Sunstrike and everybody else who worked on Tinkers and Mantle
  • Squeek502 for TiC Tooltips which allowed me to do Tooltips properly
  • iguana_man for creating the original Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers Construct
  • MoxieGrrl for lots of testing and being a darling.
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