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SlimeVR Server

Server app for SlimeVR ecosystem

Server orchestrates communication between multiple sensors and integrations, like SteamVR.

Sensors implementations:


  • Use SlimeVR OpenVR Driver as a driver for SteamVR.
  • Use built-in OSC Trackers support for FBT integration with VRChat, PCVR or Standalone.
  • Use built-in VMC support for sending and receiving tracking data to and from other apps such as VSeeFace.
  • Export recordings as .BVH files to integrate motion capture data into 3d applications such as Blender.


It's highly recommended to install using the installer downloadable here:

Latest setup instructions are in our docs.

Building & Contributing

For information on building and contributing to the codebase, see


Translation is done via Pontoon at Please join our Discord translation forum to coordinate.

License clarification

SlimeVR software (including server, firmware, drivers, installer, documents, and others - see licence for each case specifically) is distributed under a dual MIT/Apache 2.0 License (LICENSE-MIT and LICENSE-APACHE). The software is the copyright of the SlimeVR contributors.

However, these licenses have some limits, and if you wish to distribute software based on SlimeVR, you need to be aware of them:

  • When distributing any software that uses or is based on SlimeVR, you have to provide to the end-user at least one of the original, unmodified LICENSE-MIT or LICENSE-APACHE files from SlimeVR. This includes the Copyright (c) 2020 Eiren Rain and SlimeVR Contributors part of the license. It is insufficient to use a generic MIT or Apache-2.0 License, it must be the original license file.
  • This applies even if you distribute software without the source code. In this case, one way to provide it to the end-user is to have a menu in your application that lists all the open source licenses used, including SlimeVR's.

Please refer to the LICENSE-MIT and LICENSE-APACHE files if you are at any point uncertain what the exact requirements are.


Any contributions submitted for inclusion in this repository will be dual-licensed under either:

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

You also certify that the code you have used is compatible with those licenses or is authored by you. If you're doing so on your work time, you certify that your employer is okay with this and that you are authorized to provide the above licenses.