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Block Placer

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The Block-Placer is a part of the Basic Machines category. It is a craftable item which places the placeable blocks present in the dispenser.


The Block-Placer can be crafted using the Enchanted Crafting Table. A crafted Block placer looks like the following: Block Placer Showcase


The Block-Placer can place any placeable block or object in the face of the dispenser. It cannot function as a dispenser or dropper, i.e. it cannot dispense or drop objects.

You can place the block placer just like you do for any other dispenser or dropper. Block Placer Placed

The powering circuit is simply with redstone (just like dispensers or droppers). And it places a random block from its inventory on the face of the dispenser on the rising edge of the redstone signal. Block Placer Powering

It will only place the blocks which are placeable and ignore all dispenseable items. Block Placer Placing Blocks

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