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Coal Generator

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The Coal Generator is a type of Energy Generator.


All tiers of coal generators can be crafted in an Enhanced Crafting Table.


A coal generator must be placed within 7 blocks of an Energy Regulator, an Energy Connector, or an Energy Capacitor in a cross format (not diagonally), and provided with the appropriate fuel.


There are currently two tiers of coal generators.

Tier Energy Buffer
I 16 J/s 64 J
II 30 J/s 256 J


Despite being a "coal" generator, this generator can also be fueled with blaze rods, wood logs, planks and other wooden items.

Fuel Burning time Total (Tier I) Total (Tier II)
Block of Coal 1m 20s 1.28 kJ 2.4 kJ
Dried Kelp Block 20s 320 J 600 J
Blaze Rod 12s 192 J 360 J
Coal 8s 128 J 240 J
Any Log 4s 64 J 120 J
Any Planks 1s 16 J 30 J
Any Boats 5s 80 J 150 J
Any Wooden Slabs 1s 16 J 30 J
Any Wooden Buttons 1s 16 J 30 J
Any Wooden Fences 1s 16 J 30 J
Any Wooden Trapdoors 3s 48 J 90 J
Any Wooden Pressure Plates 2s 32 J 60 J
Any Wooden Doors 3s 48 J 90 J
Any Signs 2s 32 J 60 J

Note that it is twice as efficient to turn your logs into planks in a Table Saw before burning them as fuel.