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Gold Pan

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The Gold Pan is a very important item that is part of the Tools category. There are two variants, the normal Gold Pan and the Nether Gold Pan.
This page will only cover the standard Gold Pan.

How to use the Gold Pan

You right-click a block of gravel while holding a Gold Pan in your main hand.
The block will break and drop Flint, Clay, Sifted Ore or an Iron Nugget.

You can read more about Sifted Ore and how to use it in Slimefun's "Getting Started" Guide.

Drop chances

Each item you can get with a Gold Pan has a different probability to drop, listed below.

Item Chance
Flint 40%
Sifted Ore 35%
Clay 20%
Iron Nugget 5%

Automating your Gold Pan

If you ever get tired of right-clicking gravel, then check out the Automated Panning Machine.
If you have electricity, you may also be interested in the Electric Gold Pan.

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