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Solar Generator

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The Solar Generator is a type of Energy Generator.
Unlike most other generators, it does not need to be fueled, requiring only direct sunlight. However, it does not generate power at night until you reach the last tier of solar generators.


All tiers of solar generators can be crafted in an Enhanced Crafting Table.

Usage and mechanics

A solar generator must be placed within 7 blocks of an Energy Regulator, Energy Connector or an Energy Capacitor in range of one (in a straight line; no diagonals).

Solar generators must be able to receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight (15). This means transparent blocks which do not affect the light passing through them, such as glass or carpets, can be placed directly above them, but not blocks like water or tree leaves, which do affect sky light.
Additionally, "daytime" for a solar generator is after 23850 ticks and before 12300 ticks, or between 05:51 and 18:18 in in-game time.

Solar generators do not have a buffer, so any unused energy produced by them will be lost if it is not stored in a capacitor.


The table below compares the energy production of solar generators.

Tier Energy
Solar Generator 4 J/s
Advanced Solar Generator 16 J/s
Carbonado Solar Generator 64 J/s
Energized Solar Generator 256 J/s (Day)
128 J/s (Night)