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A Reflux file explorer application with reusable editors and viewers
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Explorer v0.1.8

Written in: Fantom pod: v0.1.8 Licence: ISC


Explorer is a file explorer application based on the Reflux framework. More than an application, Explorer also provides reusable Views and Editors. Explorer may also be enhanced through the use of Plugins.


  • System file explorer
  • Fantom documentation viewer
  • A better web browser / html viewer
  • Fandoc file viewer
  • Resource Tree
  • Text editor (borrowed from fluxText)
  • Syntax highlighting (uses syntax)

Small things that make me use it:

  • Quick view / edit toggling with F12
  • Easily show / hide hidden files
  • Text editor word wrapping (configurable)
  • Address bar accepts pod names, e.g. afIoc


Install Explorer with the Fantom Pod Manager ( FPM ):

C:\> fpm install afExplorer

Or install Explorer with fanr:

C:\> fanr install -r afExplorer

To use in a Fantom project, add a dependency to

depends = ["sys 1.0", ..., "afExplorer 0.1"]


Full API & fandocs are available on the Eggbox - the Fantom Pod Repository.

Quick Start

Simply start Explorer from the command line:

C:\> fan afExplorer

[afIoc] Adding module definition for afReflux::RefluxModule
[afIoc] Adding module definition for afExplorer::ExplorerModule
   ___    __                 _____        _
  / _ |  / /_____  _____    / ___/__  ___/ /_________  __ __
 / _  | / // / -_|/ _  /===/ __// _ \/ _/ __/ _  / __|/ // /
/_/ |_|/_//_/\__|/_//_/   /_/   \_,_/__/\__/____/_/   \_, /
                                     Explorer v0.0.4 /___/

IoC Registry built in 216ms and started up in 10ms

Example Screenshot

Explorer may optionally be started with a list of URIs to be opened up in tabs:

C:\> fan afExplorer C:\Temp

C:\> fan afExplorer

C:\> fan afExplorer afIoc::Registry


Following Reflux browser behaviour, entering valid URIs in the address bar will bring up an associated View for that resource.

If there are multiple Views available for the resource, a drop down will appear in the address bar allowing you to toggle between them:

View Dropdowns

You may also specify the view by adding a query parameter to the URI:


You may also specify a URI to be opened in a new tab, regardless of if the view is configured for re-use or not:


File Explorer

Explorer may be used to explore your file system using the file: scheme. URIs should be absolute and the path should begin with a /.


You may also enter an OS specific path:


Files may be opened up in a:

  • Text Editor
  • HTML Viewer
  • Fandoc Viewer
  • Image Viewer

Web Browser

Explorer may also be used as a (basic) web browser by entering a http: scheme:

Web Browser

Fandoc Viewer

Explorer can view all the Fantom documentation held in the current Fantom installation. This includes all the API docs for all the installed pods. It uses a fandoc: scheme with the following format:



The address bar also accepts simple fandoc notation (case insensitive):



Fandoc Viewer

TIP: Press F1 at anytime to being up the Fandoc index.


Exoplorer may be customised though Plugins.

A plugin is any Fantom pod that defines an index property of afExplorer.module, the value of which should be the qualified type name an IoC AppModule.

index = [ "afExplorer.module" : "myExplorerPlugin::PluginModule" ]

On startup, Explorer scans the current Fantom installation for these pods and automatically adds them to its IoC module list. These plugin modules may then configure anything a reflux application can.

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