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Community Forum

Structure and Section info


Where all announcements get posted. From new events, to server launches/closures, they will get posted here. Click here to visit this section.

Server Info and Changelogs

When a server gets updated, or a feature gets changed, it will be posted in the changelog. For example, Modpack updates. Click here to visit this section.

Private Area

The private area is for anything that only staff can see. From private bug reports, to ban appeals, it all goes here. Click here to visit this section.

  • Sub Forums
    • Ban Appeal
    • Complaints against Players and Staff
    • Private Bug Reports (dupes, protection bypass..)


This is where you can apply for staff! Click here to visit this section.

Support Forums

This is where you can post support requests if you cannot make a ticket or just do not want to use the ticket system. The subforums are seperated into one for every modpack as well as an "Other" section for miscellaneous support requests. Click here to visit this section.

Community Talk

This section is mainly for community talk (as the title states). People can ask for groups here, for fun modpacks we host or just talk to people about the network in general. Click here to visit this section.

Patron Zone

Get access by purchasing a patron rank here!

Suggestions and Feedback

As the title states, this is where you can post suggestions and feedback.

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Have a cool thing you want to teach the community about? You can post it here! This is the collection of all the network's minecraft and forums knowledge. Click here to visit this section.

Endgame Items

Here you will find a variety of lists for endgame items. There is a subsection for every server that we deem necessary.


Anything not covered in any other section, can go here!

  • Subforums
    • Annoying Forum Games

Two Factor Authentication

Read here for more information: See :ref:`ref-forum_2fa` for more information.

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