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Filla Fulla Chat

This repo hosts the source code for the browser-based chat application Filla Fulla Chat, which accompanies the exhibition FILLA – FULLA: The Artist´s Fate.

In-gallery mode (disable external links)

In the gallery space, we'd like to prevent people from following links to external websites. To access the project page with external links disabled, add the disable-links=true URL parameter like so:

The app sets a cookie to remember whether links should be disabled. Simply visit to revoke this behaviour.


The landing page uses:

Twine powered Chat app

The project includes a static /chat/index.html page, exported from Twine, as well as the source content of the chat 'Story' in .twee format, from which /chat/index.html can be compiled. To render the Filla Fulla story in the shape and style of a chat app, we use a custom 'Story Format' called 'Trialogue', which is maintained in it's own repo.

When updating the compiled story at /chat/index.html, the following snippets need to be inserted into the HTML for the page to function properly:

  • head-start.html, including meta tags, favicons and font, at the start of <head>
  • head-end.html, including stylesheets and Google Analytics, at the end of <head>
  • scripts.html, including 'disable links' and 'image popup' scripts, at the end of <body>


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