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This alpha release is released for stress testing the launcher for bugs before the official modpack release. You will most probably come across issues. There is a pack which contains various mods for testing the launcher. This pack was not designed with playability in mind. Sorry if you were expecting an actual release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I download the latest version?


Q. How do I run it?

A. The launcher is a Jar file, so if executing it normally does not work, in a command prompt, go to the directory the launcher is in and type the following command. The third parameter should be whatever the launcher is actually named.

java -jar launcher.jar

Q. Where is the official FTB Mod pack?

A. Not released.

Q. No seriously, where is the official mod pack

A. Seriously, it's not released. Be patient.

Q. Where do I report errors?

A. In the Issues tab on this site.

Q. [Windows] The launcher opens with a working directory of System32

A. The working directory bug is a broken jar association. Fix it with

A2. Some people have had success with creating a shortcut to the launcher and running that.

Q. It won't launch or has problems.

A. There may be issues with your path. Try running the launcher from a new folder named FTB in the root of your drive. In fact, you should be doing this before TRYING ANYTHING ELSE.

Q. I get "[ERROR] From Console: [Fatal Error] :1:3: The markup in the document preceding the root element must be well-formed."

A. Your system time is not correct and/or your timezone is incorrect. Correct the timezone for your location and synchronize your clock to an internet time server.

Q. Im running MAC OSX and when i launch minecraft I just get a black screen. What is wrong?

A. Most likely you are using java 7. With the current build (1.0.1) that breaks it you need to down grade to v6 for it to work. Check here for instructions on how:

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