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using System;
using System.Threading;
namespace MAIN
class Actions
/// <param name="chan">Joined channel object</param>
public delegate void OnChannelJoinDel(ref Channel chan);
public static OnChannelJoinDel OnChannelJoin;
public static Action OnExit, OnPong, OnBotReady;
/// <param name="nick">Nickname of user</param>
/// <param name="hostmask">Hostmask of user</param>
/// <param name="channel">Affected channel name</param>
public delegate void OnUserDel(string nick, string hostmask, string channel);
/// <param name="nick">New nickname</param>
/// <param name="hostmask">Hostmask of name changing user</param>
/// <param name="old_nick">Previous nickname</param>
public delegate void OnUserRenameDel(string nick, string hostmask, string old_nick);
/// <param name="nick">Nickname of speaker</param>
/// <param name="channel">Affected channel object. This is a temporary object in PMs.</param>
/// <param name="message">Entire chat message</param>
/// <param name="length">Length of 'args'</param>
/// <param name="args">Message splitted by words, value is never empty for
/// [index < 'length']. This array has a length of at least 10.</param>
public delegate void OnUserSayDel(string nick, ref Channel chan, string message,
int length, ref string[] args);
public static OnUserDel OnUserJoin;
public static OnUserDel OnUserLeave;
public static OnUserRenameDel OnUserRename;
public static OnUserSayDel OnUserSay;
public static void ResetActions()
// Bot actions
OnChannelJoin = delegate {};
OnExit = delegate {};
OnPong = delegate {};
OnBotReady = delegate {};
// User actions
OnUserJoin = delegate {};
OnUserLeave = delegate {};
OnUserRename = delegate {};
OnUserSay = delegate {};