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The source code of the IRC bot Nyisorn. It uses LuaJIT to parse and execute Lua scripts which can be found in the plugins directory.

License: BSD 3-Clause


Modules are written in C# and have the file naming in the form m_<NAME>.cs. Unlike with plugins it is possible to use callbacks which do not rely on entered chat commands: Player joined, left or renamed.

Currently available

  • GitHub: Checks for new commits in the repositories on its watchlist
  • Lua: Executes an entered command using the plugins
  • lGame: Liar game, more information at the very bottom of HELP.txt
  • Tell: Keeps the entered message(s) and notifies the target user on join


The Lua scripts allow to extend the bot's functions easily. Use modules for complex functions. This Lua implementation does not allow to use cache (yet). In the file plugins\PLUGIN_API.txt you will find an explanation how to write Lua scripts and a function reference of all scripts.