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Channels for the minetest chat
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License: WTFPL

This modification for Minetest adds a channel feature.

You can join and leave channels to create:

  • Teamchats
  • Silence because nobody else in the chat
  • Ignoring people
  • Annoy people who think you are evil because you don't answer

How to use

There is one chat command to manage everything.

  • Online players in your channel: /channel online

  • Join or switch your channel: /channel join <channel>

  • Leave the current channel: /channel leave

  • Invite player to you channel: /channel invite <playername>

Additionally, players with basic_privs priviledge can also use

  • Send message to all players: /channel wall <message ...>


  • channels.allow_global_channel - set to true to allow a global channel.
    • if false, and suggested_channel is not nil, a reminder is sent by chat every 5 minutes to players suggesting a main channel
      • else no reminder is sent
    • default is true
  • channels.suggested_channel - suggests a channel for everybody to chat in
    • default is nil
  • channels.disable_private_messages - set to true to disable private messages.
    • default is false
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