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Smankusors' Shenzhen Solitaire Solver

This is the solver for the minigame on Shenzhen I/O (also available standalone). This game like freecell but with different mechanics. You can try online version made by Nickardson.


There is some keyboard shortcuts you can use, when you select the card, the selector dialog will pop up. In this dialog, you can press :

  • Shift + G => Green Dragon
  • Shift + R => Red Dragon
  • Shift + B or Shift + W => White Dragon
  • F => Flower
  • G then [number] then ENTER => Bamboo card with value [number]
  • B then [number] then ENTER => Char card with value [number]
  • R then [number] then ENTER => Coin card with value [number]
  • Delete => Remove the selected card
  • Escape => Close the selector dialog and unselect current card

Don't forget to turn the Caps Lock off otherwise you may have some problems with shortcut :D