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This firmware is developed by DOITING. By using ONLY this firmware, smart devices (e.g., bulb or plug) can be controlled by DoHome APP or/and HomeKit. Anyone can download it to use the smart devices. If you have any problem, please contact us: More details, please visit:

You can get the items from

Warm Tips

  • For iOS user, it is very convenient to use the "HomeKit" by the manual;
  • For all the (iOS and Android) users, DoHome APP can be used to control the smart devices, and supports for the following smart speakers:
    • Alexa;
    • Google Assistant;
    • Tmall;
    • Xiaomi;
    • Baidu;
    • Dingdong


When you have DoHome smart device products, and you want to try other company products, in this case, you can use this tool (Upgrade_DoHome_IoT_devices) to upgrade other company's firmware.

Note: Before upgrading the firmware, please think agian and again, since you must accept the upgrading failure.

More Information:

Go to Amazon or aliexpress to buy a socket



DoHome_HomeKit_firmware: DoHome设备固件,您可以使用此固件,功能包括原生支持HomeKit、Google Assisitant,Alexa,天猫精灵、小爱同学、小度。

Upgrade_DoHome_IoT_devices: 为了增加设备的可玩,DoHome 设备开放了升级接口和工具,您可以刷其它固件到DoHome设备。


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