2 4ch DC motor & 16ch servo shield motor and servo shield

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When using this 2/4ch motor driver, which can control 2 pcs or 4 pcs DC motors at the same time, and then is also able to control 16 pcs servo. So, it is the best choice to DIY a smart robot car with robotic arm. And now, this board is already at our shop www.vvdoit.com. https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1dXUoKbSYBuNjSspiq6xNzpXaH.jpg

Order: 2/4ch motor & 16 servo shield, our shop

Alications: robot tank car

Documents and Source code Download


  • Control 2pcs or 4pcs DC motors, and 16pcs servo at the same time;
  • Fully compatible with Arduino board;
  • Fully support WiFi DT-06, Bluetooth HC-05, or HC-06, and the PS2 handle;
  • It is the best choice to DIY smart tank car chassis, or robot arm.
  • Can search the item by AliExpress, Amazon, and our site.


  • This board can remote control the 2wd/4wd car by using our WiFi module DT-06, or Bluetooth, and PS2;
  • Note that, for WiFi and Bluetooth version, needs APP to control the car, and now, the app is just for Android;
  • This board can drive 3-5kg load.
  • Fully compatible with Arduino, which can directly insert UNO board.


  • 16ch servos and 4ch DC motor driver board, which use TB6612 to drive 4ch DC motor, and PCA9685 is used to control 16ch servo.
  • Having Arduino UNO I/O pins;
  • Max power 15V/DC;
  • Having Bluetooth and WIFI interface;
  • Have PS2 interface;
  • 4 DC motor driver, and the single max current is 1.2A(mean)/3.2A(peak);
  • 16ch servo, and the jumper to change the servo and motor working voltage:
  • Input power:
    • Motor power(VM):4.5V~36V,can work separately;
    • Servo power(VIN):5~18V, can work separately;
  • Work separately
    • Cut off VM and VIN,(separately control motor, 6-36v);
    • Cut off VS and VIN, (separately control servo, 6-18v);
    • Short VM and VIN, short VS and 5V, to control motor(6~18V) and servos (5V).


  • Prohibit inversion for the power positive and negative, or will built out the boar.Same as the WiFi module, Bluetooth, and PS2.
  • When using PS2, please put put the "PS2X_lib" to the libraries of Arduino.
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