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Hi, everyone, welcome to the SZDOITWiKi wiki!

This wiki is originated from DOIT [Doctors of Intelligence & Technology Limited Comany] (, which was founded on April 28, 2015. Our four members are from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Till now, we have designed and developed many products on WiFi modules, development boards, IoT, WiFi probers, and Robotics. Certainly, these products can be found at our online shop. Till now, our company (DOIT) publish many different products by the following different duration.

April-May 2015

Main products: NodeMCU and motor shield for the RC toys.

I remember that, when we publish the first product ESP8266 development board (NodeMCU), it is very popular till now by all the lovers in the world. But where can it use directly? Therefore, we design a motor shield for the NodeMCU. This can make the wide creative makers able to use this set board to develop a RC toys, like tank/car chassis.

June 2015

Main products: NodeMCU-- web setting

Web setting, can make users set the route by using this board, users just set the router information by web page. It is very convenient.

July-August 2015

Main products: WiFiMCU

In this stage, we design and develop a Lua Node SDK, which can make the users develop many different applications based on Lua.

Sep.- Oct., 2015

Main productrs: robotic platroms

To let the NodeMCU be able to exihibit its performance, we design a metal module to generate mass a T sery robot tank car chassises, such as T100, T200, T300, TD200,TD300,TP100,TP200,TP300. All these tank car chassis can be controlled by Android/iOS APP with the free code (only for Android). Moreover, we also develop the corresponding video RC tank.

Nov., 2015

Main products: WiFi sniffer based on openWRT

WiFi sniffer is developed mainly to probe the phone MAC addresses nearby the WiFi signal source. Some one uses it to monitor the phone around people. Especially, this function is deeply studied agin in 2016, and already extends many other applications.

Dec., 2015

Main products: a cloud platform based on IoT

When users get the NodeMCU development board, they want to upload the sensed data to the internet. In the requirments, the IoT platform ( is developed for many uses to upload the sensed data freely, and do some other IoT applications.

Jan., 2016

Main products: LuaNode for ESP32

ESP32 has the WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. It is a new concept. So, to promise the quantity and process, ESPressif company send freely us 2 samples to investigate. Therefore, we start a ESP32 project on Kickstarter, although it is not successful.

Feb., 2016

Main products: Arduino WiFi shield for UNO R3

As we all know, Arduino is very popular in the world, but the WiFi shield is very expensive. Thus, we develop a WiFi shield for UNO R3, together with web server configuration. This is the first WiFi shield for UNO R3 based on ESP8266. Moreover, many Arduino lovers can use the Yun function by using this WiFi shield.

Mar., 2016

Main products: MiniNodeMCU

Because of the popularance of NodeMCU, we develop a type of smaller NodeMCU--MiniNodeMCU. What's more, our WiFi prober is designed from the miniNodeMCU.

April, 2016

Main products: ESPduino

Compatible with Arduino, ESPduino also can develop and compile many Arduino applications, but it has WiFi naturally. So, many Arduino lovers can develop fastly many IoT applications based such ESPduino board.

May, 2016

Main products: WiFi prober

WiFi prober has a wide applications. For exmaple,

  • The security can monitor a stranger entering into a residence by scaning its phone MAC;
  • The residence can open the door when entering into his/her living area;
  • The company can use it for the attence;
  • The superviser in the university can use it to monitor whether his/her students is in/out the laboratory;
  • and so on.

June, 2016

Main products: a laser navigation car

We start a laser navigation car for a project, which mainly realize lazer navigation and image recognization to seize a colorful ball by the color.

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