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As a classical WiFi module based on ESP8266, ESP-F aleady get many recognitions, and is already applied many other applications. For example, based on ESP-F, we design the NodeMCU. We already use to our many IoT solutions.

The WiFi module ESP-F is manufactured by using a high-performance chip ESP8266EX. This small chip is encapsulated an enhanced Tensilica’s L106 diamond series 32-bit kennel CPU with a SRAM. Thus, ESP8285 has the complete function Wi-Fi function; it not only can be applied independently, but can be used as a slaver working with other host CPU. When ESP8285 is applied as a slaver, it can start from the onboard Flash. The built-in high-speed buffer is not only benefit to improve the system performance, but optimize the store system. In addition, ESP8285 can be used as Wi-Fi adapter by SPI/SDIO or I2C/UART interface, when it is applied to other MCU design. The ESP-F module supports the standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n/e/i protocol and the complete TCP/IP protocol stack. User can use it to add the WiFi function for the installed devices, and also can be viewed as a independent network controller. Anyway, ESP-F module provides many probabilities with the best price.

CE/FCC/RoHS: Download.

Data Manual: Download.

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