Prober Preface

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Based on the wifi probe principle, and comined with our software and hardeware, we have already developed and invegisted a series wifi probe products. If the user's phone is already open the wifi function (i.e., wifi is open at the setting), then we can get the following data (which are very useful for the data analyse):

  • Deveice MAC address, including the source and destination;
  • WiFi signal strength;
  • Frame small catergory;
  • Frame big catergory;
  • channel
  • RSSI, etc.!!116050204.jpg


  • Automatically probe the uniqe ID (i.e., MAC address) in the probing scope of users'phone;
  • Automatically recorder the staying time, leaving time, and starting time;
  • Users don't take in any other actions, don't use the app, or connect the wifi network;
  • Can probe pc, phone, and other wifi devices.


  • Even if the use don't connect the wifi, if the wifi function is open at the phone setting, our wifi probe can probe the phone and get some important information. By using these information, we can do many projects, like user's location, users statistics, and user phone brand statictics, and other analyze.
  • Scratch all the packages at all channels (can probe the iphone, the mac address is frame only at the probe phase, and it is real at other phases.)
  • We also can probe the phones, even if the phone is connected (usually, it is difficult to do it).
  • We can provide the customerized requirments, since we provide one-stop solution, including the module design and generation, firmware development, location algorithm, software and app development.
  • conveniently integrated, since we can design any size and shape by your requirements.
  • A wifi board is developed to be able to probe 2.4G and 5G.

Probe typs

  • serial wifi probe
  • [signal WiFi transmission probe]
  • [double WiFi transmission probe]
  • [double WiFi transmission 2.4G 5G probe]
  • [GPRS transmission probe]
  • [WiFi location]
  • [customer statistics]

manage system account:; password: 000000


  • In general, the probe is used with other devices, e.g., router, advertized devices. After collect these important information, then upload to the cloud to data processing and analyzing.




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