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A plugin for ReadyAPI that allows you to import APIs directly from a 3Scale hosted developer portal.


Install the plugin via the integrated Plugin Repository available via the Plugin Manager in SoapUI Pro 5.X or ReadyAPI 1.X

Build it yourself

You can build the plugin locally by cloning this repository locally - make sure you have java and maven 3.X correctly installed - and run

mvn clean install assembly:single

in the project folder. The plugin dist.jar will be created in the target folder and can be installed via the Plugin Managers' "Load from File" action.


Once installed there will have two ways to import an API from a 3Scale developer portal:

  • Via the "Add API From 3Scale" option on the Project menu in the "Projects" tab
  • Via the "3Scale Developer Portal" option in the "Create project from..." drop-down when creating a new project

In either case you will be prompted for the URL to a 3Scale Developer Portal that exposes API metadata, go to for a directory. Please note that not all these expose API-metadata, in which case you will get an error.

Once a valid developer portal URL has been specified (for example you will be presented with a list of available APIs and import options, configure as desired and proceed with the import - which will download the APIs underlying Swagger description and configure a corresponding REST API in ReadyAPI. Now you can easily:

  • send ad-hoc requests to the API to explore its functionality
  • create functional tests of the API which you can further use to create Load Tests, Security Tests and API Monitors (in the SoapUI module)
  • create a virtualized version of the API for sandboxing/simulation purposes (in the ServiceV module).

Have fun!

Version History

  • 1.0.1 - 20141202 - Improved error messages and endpoint handling