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ReadyAPI Plugin Development Kit

Here you'll find everything needed to get started with building plugins for SmartBear's ReadyAPI Platform.

We've also included documentation on how to build different plugin components.

  • Actions - how to add menu and toolbar items
  • Listeners - how to handle events occurring during the usage of ReadyAPI, for example test-executions, project changes, etc.
  • Import and Discovery methods - how to add new ways of creating ReadyAPI projects from external data

And some general guidelines for ReadyAPI plugin development.

If you're looking for some specific content - please don't hesitate to open an issue!

##Existing Plugins

Many of the existing plugins are open-sourced here at GitHub and make use of the above outlined extension points and concepts. Have a look at them to get an understanding of how to add similar features to your plugins:

  • Swagger Plugin Adds functionality for importing and exporting Swagger definitions to/from REST APIs,
  • RAML Plugin Adds functionality for importing and exporting RAML definitions to/from REST APIs. Also has an action to browser the Mulesoft ApiHub API directory and import API definitions directly from there.
  • API Blueprint Plugin Adds functionality for importing and exporting API-Blueprint definitions to/from REST APIs.
  • Groovy Console Plugin Adds an interactive Groovy Console for trying out groovy scripts dynamically within ReadyAPI
  • 3Scale Plugin Allows you to import APIs directly from a 3Scale hosted developer portal.