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  • Allows you to import RAML files into SoapUI for testing your REST APIs
  • Allows you to generate a REST Mock Service for a RAML file being imported
  • Allows you to update an existing REST Service in SoapUI from a RAML file
  • Allows you to generate a RAML file for any REST API defined in SoapUI
  • Allows you to browse the ApiHub directory for APIs with either RAML or Swagger definitions (Swagger requires the soapui-swagger-plugin to be installed also)

-> See the blog-post for a detailed overview.

Download & Install

The plugins are available at sourceforge - download and unzip them into the SoapUI/bin folder, this will place files in the underlying folders as follows (be sure to remove any previous versions of these files):

         snakeyaml-1.13.jar (from the raml plugin)
         raml-parser-0.9-SNAPSHOT.jar (from the raml plugin)
         swagger4j-1.0-beta3.jar  (from the swagger plugin)
         Javax.json.1.0-b06.jar  (from the swagger plugin)
         soapui-raml-plugin-0.4-plugin.jar  (from the raml plugin)
         soapui-swagger-plugin-0.3-plugin.jar (from the swagger plugin)

(Re)Start SoapUI and create an empty project, you should have the following menu options on the project-popup menu:

  • Import RAML Definition; prompts to import a RAML file
  • Add API from ApiHub; allows you to browse APIs at ApiHub and import them into SoapUI.

Note: the 0.3 version of the plugin requires SoapUI 5.0 or later (for the REST Mock generation)

Build it yourself

Clone the Git repository, make sure you have maven installed, and run

mvn clean install assembly:single

to get the same zip as found on sourceforge

Features and shortcomings

The RAML importer supports most constructs in the RAML 0.8 specification, including parameterized traits and resourceTypes, !include statements, child resources, query/header/form/uri parameters, example requests bodies, etc.

Currently ignored are:

  • security declarations - mainly because SoapUI doesn't support OAuth yet
  • protocols - not sure how that would be mapped to SoapUI where you can add as many endpoints as needed
  • schemas - the SoapUI API doesn't make them easy to add programmatically, and it only supports XML Schema for now

I've tested this with a number of RAML files (see src/test/resources and the RamlImporterTests), but I'm sure there are details I've missed - please let me know if you find anything strange or unexpected.

Release History

  • Version 0.4 - 2014-05-13
    • Added initial "Export RAML" functionality to REST Service popup menu
    • Fixed import of RAML files containing relative includes and multiple request body examples.
    • Added an option do the Import and Update dialogs to enable/disable creation of sample requests.
    • Added separators to popup menus for better readability
  • Version 0.3 - 2014-04-22
    • Bugfixes and new "Update from RAML Definition" action which adds new resources/methods/parameters to an existing REST Service in SoapUI from the specified RAML file.
    • Added "Generate Mock Service" option when Importing RAML definitions - which creates a SoapUI 5.0 REST Mock using sample response bodies if available.
  • Version 0.2 - 2013-11-27
  • Version 0.1 - 2013-11-22 - Initial release

Feedback is welcome!

Please don't hesitate to comment here or get in touch on twitter; @olensmar