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@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Sep 16, 2021

This is a mandatory update for SmartNodes, Pools, Exchanges, and Users by October 4th.

Updates in this release:
-- SmartRewards increase from 60% of block rewards to 89% of block rewards
-- SuperRewards minimum reduced to 100K Smart
-- TermRewards expire on October 4th. All users activating until then will be paid with future locked payments, similar to the last round
-- Mining update to maintain shortest blocktime of 10 seconds to help with SmartNode transaction syncing

SmartNodes will require a restart from local wallet after updating. Electrum 5.0.2 or 2.1.0 Node client required for local starting.

FD94E0C9B2C2474E73C47C6B75A262CC74662C6545FDA01F06F5119F2B384DDB smartcash-2.1.0-osx.dmg
51064635AF2B803855B914B54A3CA2777852F5803BA17221EBBC55CE867B4D19 smartcash-2.1.0-win64-setup.exe
1FD4176C8BF26F6E270C8CA0010031937A23F917D15A8AFAEFC272E5E4D19E45 smartcash-2.1.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

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@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Jul 23, 2021

This release is optional and is needed to show TermRewards correctly on the TermRewards tab. Exchanges and users without TermRewards do no need to update.

  • .All TermRewards made before block 2260000 have been paid.
  • This release shows TermRewards as paid when all future payments have been paid.
  • The "TermRewards List" command now displays expired time as 0 for paid entries.

For users upgrading that have TermRewards, you need to reindex for the TermRewards tab to display correctly. SmartNodes can update and reindex to get the TermRewards list call to display correctly, but it is not required to continue to be paid.

6815193EE9F1232079ED9FC38A79B1681135F1D11E5136356A76EABB7A16335C smartcash-2.0.6-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
04BBE0D432A4F74BCE69C925CE14C8E43EA0BE33A798F8C09C0DA2E8CB903880 smartcash-2.0.6-win64-setup.exe
F4552BDE8E41ECB7DC18272C8AC4E69F4572DB47F468EBBBA8140EF000E09311 smartcash-2.0.6-osx.dmg

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@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Jun 14, 2021

This release lowers the amount required for TermRewards and SmartRetire to 101k or above.
The SmartNode and SmartRetire tabs have been changed to be more clear.

This release is only required for those wanting to use the lower amount for TermRewards or SmartRetire. Exchanges, Pools, and SmartNodes are not required to update.

af6fb2038bb07605c123971e69769e531ef1f539ba831eda0ec03f7a4bfed266 smartcash-2.0.5-win64-setup.exe
1c44a37d1a6fa068f2c9a224208a348b9b7746c872fce72dd7679aa9d09dfe77 smartcash-2.0.5-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
0afcfc58df115be478c2d2ddcea2a9c3dd5d06733c38e723e4a1fb47867e0845 smartcash-2.0.5-osx.dmg

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@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Mar 10, 2021

This release is optional. Users creating TermRewards or SmartRetire transactions should update to this release. Old versions can allow a niche case allowing an invalid TermRewards or SmartRetire transaction. Current TermRewards and SmartRetire transactions are not affected.

SAPI Call Changes

  • blockchain/supply (new call)
  • address/mempool (new call)
  • address/transaction (added mempool to list)
  • smartnode/roi (updated to accurately calculate values)

TermRewards Changes

  • Fixed an invalid script address created for SmartRetire.
  • Removed ability to create addresses that don't comply with SmartRetire/TermRewards.

4E87073283ED0B2B102EC983BC3E247B9782B1E81F28FBAE40147D741BE7210BA3DE94FBCE78E090387962F137282D503A9D56CADE4E990DE545ABE9024ECC80 smartcash-2.0.4-osx.dmg
8BBB738A5E4363F45D92DC63253A3FAFEF064CBABBCE57C9EC8E2C533FBD59760386F1D1E03D3C788A80CD7BD15E880B5264F82C5336183A3B396AA04A34B9F5 smartcash-2.0.4-win64-setup.exe
B7DAEEFF7BF12D877558E2E257A398554F366AFC09BB2D469EDB578791A0A19379DBE72A5DC6586EB5976C688D45AC58489A745618CCE4BD2CB6D733F94CB8F8 smartcash-2.0.4-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

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@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Feb 19, 2021

This release is optional for all users. This is recommended for SmartNodes that have had issues keeping their node ENABLED. This release is required for users to see their TermRewards in node wallet tab. A reindex is needed to show previous TermRewards transacitons.

  • TermRewards/SmartRetire updated to show TermRewards list on rpc and SAPI calls
  • TermRewards/SmartRetire locktime corrected to match 1year/2year/3year/15year times.
  • LockTime menu removed from receive tab to avoid time offset if using with TermRewards.
  • LockTime menu now shows during first sync.
  • SmartNode SAPI check now attempts to check twice before giving an invalid ping
  • Old version SmartNodes are removed from the SmartNode list

For SmartNodes install/upgrade with this script. Ports 9678 and 8080 must be open. Smartnodes require 40GB of space(about 30gb is used now) and 4gb of ram+swap.

If your node is stuck.
./smartcash-cli reconsiderblock $(./smartcash-cli getblockhash $(./smartcash-cli getblockcount))
./smartcash-cli stop && sleep 20 && ./smartcashd
If that doesn't work run this and expect it to take 2 hours.
./smartcash-cli stop && sleep 20 && ./smartcashd -reindex

147D343AD2C4C34D350E17A4A973F8C272F43B37B99BEDEBA87F2910AA3C2CA0 smartcash-2.0.3-win64-setup.exe
D1D6676CB98A81B426457EBA0ACED35D0D62B24855685C66DF27C2425AEFBAD6 smartcash-2.0.3-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
C9CBE1B13D1CA7D00BDB12C775ED439625D9FBD08CCAC8FF6A551FF97CFA3589 smartcash-2.0.3-osx.dmg

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@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Feb 9, 2021

Fixes syncing issues with wallets that didn't start with full blocks. This version will also avoid future syncing problems and is recommended for all users and exchanges.

Smartnodes can run this to get unstuck.
./smartcash-cli reconsiderblock $(./smartcash-cli getblockhash 2025813)
Desktops or wallets that restarted may get stuck on another block replace above with latest block from getinfo.
Or in QT got to help-debug-console
..block no
getblockhash block no
reconsiderblock blockhash

If that fails start with ./smartcashd -reindex or use the reindex on the wallet tools tab in help-debug.

EF562296DC2B0EA303DDAE521BF3DFD5A0186D18057B3B25F9ACAC677E9CEE70 smartcash-2.0.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
5DC32B12904EB6C2EC618F97A3CBB0A412735668FC5987628BA9E6B9EE7608CF smartcash-2.0.2-win64-setup.exe
FB31E2C7DA1D887A79FBD8B3160A060C809489F1879FE41B20592C107518FDE8 smartcash-2.0.2-osx.dmg

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@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Feb 8, 2021

This release fixes issues with nodes syncing on network. Mandatory for all users, exchanges, and SmartNodes. This update does not need a reindex if previously updated to 2.0.0.

This release updates the protocol for SmartNodes so a new start will be required from local wallet.
Electrum users please update to the 5.0.2 version to start SmartNodes.

0AF950A2B99185218526F079CED7B036CC18AEB852B168D3CF9645E5A0553A77 smartcash-2.0.1-win64-setup.exe
EC813C7BC5834E7CE4393DFEA6863D525E6D402BE30FFEFEEC987C859F8A4201 smartcash-2.0.1-osx.dmg
9A1B79F2ED1094D1031A93D2316AAD03536E661ABF5E0D4538F1B887E88EC3BA smartcash-2.0.1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

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Feb 6, 2021
Reward fix
Jan 27, 2021
2.0 block start change

@thesolarminer thesolarminer released this Jan 26, 2021

This release adds the long awaited TermRewards and SmartRetire features. This is a mandatory update for SmartNodes, exchanges, and wallets.

For updating the wallet will force a reindex on startup automatically. It is normal for this take take an hour.

For new SmartNodes use the script here to setup the config file and give some instructions after it runs.
For a SmartNode update, you will need to issue a start alias from your local wallet. If the start doesn't work, create a new smartnode entry on the smartnode tab on your local wallet and update that new smartnodeprivkey on your vps in the smartcash.conf file.

This is a major release with the following changes:

  • Speed improvements using modern CPU extensions
  • Rewards database structure speed improvements.
  • Added TermRewards and SmartRetire database and wallet tab
  • SmartRewards tab improvements
  • Added warning on console tab to avoid sharing keys
  • Cleaned up rewards calculation and validation rules
  • Mining validation improved
  • SAPI calls added for termrewards, smartnode/roi, and smartrewards/roi
  • SAPI calls added to sort out locked inputs for unspent call.
  • SAPI call for transactions compatible with block explorer and SmartHub.
  • SmartRewards no longer paid to timelocked addresses
  • SmartNodes now required to enable SAPI and have port 8080 open to be paid.
  • Smartnodes are paid 5x more than before but paid 1/5th as often. Expected payment interval is now about 3 days.
  • Activation transactions limited to 100 inputs
  • CoinControl now selects a maximum of 500 inputs
  • Fixed reindex option on QT tools tab.
  • Reindex now recreates rewards.
  • OP_Return increased to 10,000 characters.
  • Litemode has less block procesingg.
  • Invalidateblock is now usable with debugging removed.
  • Fixed memory leak in voting manager
  • Getbalance has option to not select timelocked inputs.
  • Useavailable button doesn't select timelocked inputs.
  • Increase default minimum confirmations to 2 with commandline sending.

Now the non SmartNode wallets can run with litemode=1 to reduce syncing time.

AAF8F23501A6ACF14A62C63464C1472ED77C95152036264674C0A87F511DCD8F smartcash-2.0.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
AAE5B388A705950B9928C53E9D87DB64DA34FB65C36682678165ED1DEB5319AB smartcash-2.0.0-osx.dmg
C7779C99DCC0388533011CC693B25D20D752A9B38527514F9DF9BB994120193D smartcash-2.0.0-win64-setup.exe

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