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Bash installer to install SmartNodes on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64.

This shell script comes with 4 cronjobs:

  1. Make sure the daemon is always running:
  2. Make sure the daemon is never stuck:
  3. Make sure smartcash is always up-to-date:
  4. Clear the log file every other day:

On the client-side, use your node-client (formerly known as wallet) and click "Create Smartnode." Input an alias of your choosing, your server's IP address, select a collateral TX and copy/write down your SmartNodeKey.

Login to your vps as root, download the file and then run it, enter the SmartNodeKey you got above when asked for SmartNode GenKey:

bash ./

Run the node-client (formerly known as wallet), go to SmartNodes tab, choose your node and click "start alias" at the bottom.

You're good to go now. BEE $SMART!