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@patrickwestphal patrickwestphal released this Oct 6, 2016 · 136 commits to develop since this release

  • Terminological Decision Tree and Evidence-based Terminological Decision Tree learning algorithms
    • More information about TDT and ETDT in an upcoming EKAW publication: 'Integrating New Refinement Operators in Terminological Decision Trees Learning'
  • SPARQL Reasoner component has been evaluated in ECAI'16 publication: Towards SPARQL-Based Induction for Large-Scale RDF Data sets
  • Addition of the LEAP and EDGE systems and BUNDLE reasoner for probabilistic OWL
    • Thanks to Giuseppe Cota from the University of Ferrara for the contribution
    • New command line tool to run leap configurations: clileap
    • Part of the extended DL-Learner release
  • Query Tree Learning support for incoming edges
  • Further QTL improvements
  • New tree-based Concise Bounded Description generator
  • Rho refinement operator now respects classes ignored in the learning algorithm
  • For PosNegLP, positive and negative examples can be describes with a class expression
  • Class Learning Problem support for pluggable accuracy methods
  • New class expression length metric to further tune the refinement
  • New expression validation client to calculate test coverage for PosNeg learning problems
  • Framework updates
    • Update to Java 8
    • Update to Jena 3
    • Update to OWL API 4.2
    • Update to Spring 4.3
  • Windows drive letters are now supported in OWLFile loader
  • An updated review of the DL-Learner framework has been published in the Journal of Web Semantics: DL-Learner—A framework for inductive learning on the Semantic Web
    • Please refer to that publication when citing DL-Learner
  • API and deprecation notices
    • getName() has been removed, use the AnnComponentManager instead
    • ROLearner2 has been integrated into OCEL
    • The refinement package has been removed
    • name attribute of configOption has been removed
    • Reasoner should implement getDomainImpl
    • QueryEngineHTTP is now upstreamed
    • CLIBase2 serves as a base for new CLI components
    • The BeanXMLConverter has been removed
  • Bug fixes
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