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DL-Learner 1.4.0

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@SimonBin SimonBin released this 24 Sep 20:42
· 92 commits to develop since this release
  • Mailing list has moved from sourceforge to
  • DL-Learner system has been presented at The Web Conference in Lyon: DL-Learner – Structured Machine Learning on Semantic Web Data
  • Dependency Updates
    • OWLAPI: 4.5.13
    • Jena: 3.12.0
    • Hermit: 1.4.3
    • Edge: 3.2
    • CoreNLP: 3.9.2
  • Compilation with Java 11, 12 fixed
  • Tests now run on Windows
  • Breaking changes;
    • The Accuracy Methods were moved to org.dllearner.accuracymethods package
  • Added batch modes to Pattern and property learning algorithm
  • Added minimumTreeScore in the disjunctive el learning algorithm
  • Began work on new Class Expression Learning Problem
  • Continued work on Query Tree Learning algorithm
  • Improved CBD generators
  • Improved Closed World Reasoner
  • Improved Range based facet restrictions
  • Improved simple SPARQL subclass learner
  • Many utilities for working with JGraphT graphs
  • New CELOE usage example
  • New Examples Provider utility
  • New JSON config file example
  • SPARQL Reasoner adaptions for OntoQuad triple store
  • Some logical fixes to the Horizontal Expansion in CELOE reported/analysed by Yingbing Hua
  • Other bug fixes and improvements