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a linked data driven web page rendered by Jekyll-RDF
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This is the source of the website which is served with OntoWiki, Jekyll and Jekyll-RDF's plugin.


This work is under development.


  1. Setup
  2. Usage
    1. Integrate with Jekyll
    2. Make use of RDF data
    3. Configuration
  3. Setting up Sites and Templates


In order to get started you need to have full Ruby Development Envoirnment with all the headers and Ruby Gems installed. This website is being built by Jekyll version 3.5.1 and its compatible Ruby dev envoirnment and gems. If you have already setup Ruby Development Envoirnment and and Ruby Gems, you can run the following command as per Jekyll version 3.5.1:

gem install jekyll bundler

So after setting up Jekyll on your computer you can clone repository at a desirable location on you computer after getting into the directory you can run the following command to see the project running:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Using Docker

We extend the Jekyll Pages docker image to build a page from a Git repository or local sources. This is essentially githubpages in a docker image. We have deployed our docker image on Docker Hub smartdataanalytics/site in order to build the site automatically. The v2tec/watchtower image is used for watching our sda container and automatically restart it whenever the image is refreshed. Simply you could use Docker Compose to set up the whole pipeline.

docker-compose up -d

Plugins & Externals Used

Following plugins have been used for building up the sda website:

  1. Jekyll-rdf
  2. Jekyll-twitter-plugin

You just have to run the following command inorder to include them in your project directory. The plugins are included in your _config.yml file but at some point if while setting up you get a error log of missing plugins. You can always compare the plugins list in your _config.yml with plugins stated above.

bundle exec jekyll build
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