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SDL MobileWeather Example App

This example app uses the DarkSky API to present a basic connected weather app with SDL UI.


Install Dependencies

Use Cocoapods to install the dependencies:

  1. Install Cocoapods if necessary.
  2. Navigate to the root directory in terminal.
  3. Run pod install.


  1. Sign up and get your own DarkSky API key.
  2. Set the API key into Settings.h to use.


You will need to customize the configuration of the app depending on whether you are connecting it to a module over IAP (USB or Bluetooth) or TCP (Manticore or an emulator).

To check what type of connection is currently set up, go to SmartDeviceLinkService.m and go to the -(void)start method. There you will see a call to SDLLifecycleConfiguration defaultConfigurationWithAppName and one to SDLLifecycleConfiguration debugConfigurationWithAppName where one is active and the other is commented out. For more information on these calls, see the network connection type guide. Depending on if you are connecting over IAP or TCP you may need to configure and alter these calls.


Once you've configured the app with your own DarkSky API key and based on the device you are connecting to, you only have to run the app on your device (IAP or TCP) or a Simulator (TCP-only) and connect!

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